Monday, June 22, 2009

Infants & Toddlers Evaluation

This morning Ryder had his evaluation done by the Harford County Infants & Toddlers program. We have been trying to get it set up since we moved in and it has finally been done. The special ed teacher came and did the evaluation so that we can get his therapy schedule set up and started. This is what she found today during the evaluation....

Chronological Age: 22.5 months
Gross Motor: 19 months
Social Emotional: 18 months
Adaptive: 17 months
Fine Motor: 16 months
Communication: 15 months

He has shown improvement on many of the areas since his last evaluation in November, but communication has pretty much stayed the same still. The speech therapist will come to do a more in-depth evaluation and decide how often she will see him, but it will probably be once a week or every other week. The OT will also come to do her own evaluation, but since he has been improving she will probably only come once a month. PT will continue to just monitor him, but if a concern comes up they will start to see him more often. We are going to work on some stretching since his ankles are pretty tight causing issues with his walking, running, and doing stairs. The special ed teach will come every other week to work with him as well. We are also going to look into doing some sort of toddler group therapy sessions with him at some point.