Wednesday, June 17, 2009


A quick update about somethings...

Yesterday my throat was killing me and I was still having a fever (not in the 103 range though) so I decided to go to Patient First to see if I had strep throat. While I was there they did a urinalysis (check for dehydration), 2 throat swabs (check for strep throat), and blood work (check for mono and flu) and all of it came back normal and negative. That is a good thing, but I still had a sore throat for no apparent reason. The doctor said my throat looked horrible so he can't imagine that it wasn't strep (since other things also came back negative) so he sent me home on antibiotics as a precaution. He said the strep might grow on the 3 day test and not show up on the 15 minute test. My throat hurts so bad when I swallow that eating has not been easy, but I have been making sure to drink lots. Other than a sore throat and being tired I am fine today.

Mum Mum was transferred to the rehab center last night which is good. She will receive PT twice a day while there along with other therapies to try and get her strength and endurance back in the hopes that she will be able to walk and come home. The other great thing about her being in rehab is that children are allowed to visit and she is so excited to be able to see all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren. I am hoping to make it there soon so she can see the boys.

Tomorrow we are taking the boys to the Baltimore aquarium. Josephine is going with us also. I am so excited to take the boys because they love watching the fish at Bass Pro Shop so I know they will love this. We are also going to see the Dolphin Show.

It looks like Ben will be getting unemployment payments while he looks for a new job which is a huge relief for us. Not that the amount they pay will cover everything for us, but it is something!

As for the boys and being sick, they have not had any more fevers which is good. They have both been pretty cranky and not back to their normal selves yet. We have been watching for blisters because of the possible hand, foot & mouth disease and we did find some on Zak. His tongue has them along with his feet. So we are pretty sure that this is what they have.