Thursday, June 4, 2009

Smoothie Success

Today after the boys got up from their nap I decided to try the whole smoothie thing. They have gotten into one of their eating slumps so everybody suggested trying some healthy nutritious smoothies for them. I figured it would work well because they would rather drink than eat it seems like.

I let them help pick out some of the ingredients, but others I knew I was going to use. The nice thing about smoothies is you can put just about anything in them. The boys are not picky with tastes so I don't have to worry too much about trying to "hide" foods in them. The concoction we came up with today sounds gross, but actually wasn't too bad (I tried it). They were a success with the boys because they both drink all of it.

Today they had: banana, spinach, pear, pear juice, blueberry...with protein powder and ice
We have also been giving them vitamins every day. Some days I will put liquid vitamins into their milk cup and other days we will give them a chewable vitamin.

We have a busy weekend coming up so I am sure I will have pictures to put up at some point once things calm down. Tomorrow Robin has a vet appointment in the morning. Then we are going to Arundel Mills to meet my mom (she and Piper fly in from FL) and Shirley (from NC) for dinner. Then Saturday my mom, Ben, and I are going to a wedding while Tracy watches the boys and Piper. Sunday we have a family cook-out graduation party (for Natalie) in Annapolis which includes having crabs! My mom and Piper are sleeping at the house Friday and Saturday and then staying in Annapolis the rest of their stay. Over the next week we have plans on various days to visit with my mom, go to my grandparents to swim, and visit with other people who we don't normally get to see unless my mom is in town. And then they fly back to FL in the evening on Sunday June 14.