Monday, February 8, 2010


Panic is the best way to describe how I am feeling right now! We had our last large snow storm over the weekend and are just not getting dug out. Ben was able to get the car to move out of the parking spot so he could get that spot cleaned out. Today he went to work for a few hours and when he got home I got the update on the roads. He told me I would not be going anywhere anytime soon! Well, a few hours later I needed to get out of the house so we all got in the car and went to the grocery store. The roads in our community had me freaked out the whole time. There was lots of sliding and scary noises from us driving over snow that was too high for our car. Zak even started saying he was scared and making noises whenever the car slid or moved funny. We walked around the grocery store for a while and picked up a few things (paper towels, dog food, chips, ice cream sandwiches and so on) then headed back home. I honestly felt like I was going to die out on the roads. Yes, I am extremely cautious and scared of roads with ice or snow since I had an accident while I was in high school. So it probably was not as bad as I felt it was.

On to my next reason for panic....we have another snow storm heading our way. This storm will start mid-day Tuesday and snow through Wednesday. The really scary part is that it could drop another 20 inches on us! We still have not been able to completely dig out of the 28+ inches from the weekend so this is going to be really bad. And to make matters even worse, Ben is leaving for VA tomorrow morning and won't be home until Friday. This leaves the boys and I home alone during this second storm (some are calling it a blizzard already). I will have to be the one to shovel whatever snow does come so the dogs can go outside! I am prepared to not leave the house at all this week with a house full of food so that is good. But I am panicking about needing to shovel and keep the boys entertained for the week. I am also thinking about the worst case scenarios of what could happen while Ben is away...power outage, water heater breaking, heat system breaking, roof collapsing from the weight of snow, and so much more!

So, I am just in a state of panic for the rest of the week...

I will keep everyone updated on the upcoming storm as long as we have power!

Oh, another reason to panic...the forecast is showing more snow on Monday next week...



Lighthouse Photography said...

Oh goodness!!! I love snow BUT that is officially TOO MUCH SNOW!! I will be praying for you guys that it will not be as bad as they are saying and that your week will so smoothly