Thursday, February 11, 2010


We survived two blizzards in 5 days! This is very unusual weather for Maryland and I hope to never deal with this again. This morning while the boys ate breakfast I went outside to shovel the front pathways and the back pathway for the dogs. The wind is still pretty strong so it is very cold outside and this snow is very heavy. I started to get very frustrated while shoveling in the front because each time I would dump a shovel-full of snow onto our mountain of snow it would just fall back down into the pathway. After I was done with the pathways I stared at the car for a few seconds and decided to call it quits. I couldn't leave the boys inside alone for too long because who knows what trouble they would find and I honestly didn't know where to put all of that snow. Also, I am not planning to go anywhere anytime soon since I refuse to drive on icy or snow covered roads ever since my accident while I was in high school. I generally sit inside and let the sun do the work because once the car is cleared off that usually means the roads are too!

Today I did feel bad or guilty though. Around 9:30am everyone from the court was outside digging pathways, clearing off cars and cleaning out parking spots. I was literally the only person in the court that was not outside and it made me feel extremely guilty. There are only two cars in the whole court that have not been touched yet and one of those is mine. The other belongs to our neighbor who also has an SUV which they have cleared off and taken out for a drive. I can't do everything on my own so I chose to get the pathways done since that could effect the neighbors and I didn't want to make them mad. I also am not really sure how to even go about cleaning off the car because I will not drive my car out of the spot like everyone else has because once again my fear of driving on these roads comes in. Oh well, hopefully nobody will be mad or dislike us because of my fear or lack of ability and motivation!

I talked to Ben this morning and he said that there is a slim change that they might finish early enough to drive home this afternoon, but more likely they would be coming home tomorrow. He knows that I have not cleared the car or our second parking spot which is completely covered in 30+ inches of snow since it has been sitting empty for the whole storm.

Here are some pictures I took while I was outside this morning...

the boys' slide
our backyard and the street
icicles on the neighbor's house
looking out our back door
the backyard
cozy coupe buried under snow
that gate is 24inches tall
the infamous car
looking out the front door
front pathway
mountain of snow