Monday, April 12, 2010

Head Start

Ben and I have talked about what our plans will be for Zak next year since Ryder will be going to the special education pre-school starting in August. There were a few options that people suggested to me which I looked into. I have been trying to get in touch with somebody at the office for the Harford County Head Start program for a few weeks and today I finally talked to someone!

She explained the program to me since I don't know much about it. They are a federally funded pre-school program for low income families. They have a few locations throughout the county and each one has different requirements, hours, and so on since each federal fund is different. There is one program that is only about 4 minutes away from our house so that is the one I am interested in. It is actually held in a building that is directly behind the school Ryder will be attending next year. I was not prepared for what the person told me about that particular program though. The one that is right around the corner from our house runs Monday-Friday 8:30am-2:30pm all year long. It is a full-time accredited pre-school program for 3 & 4 year olds. The location which is about 20 minutes away runs Monday-Thursday for 2.5 hours from September until May. The logistics of getting Zak there and home while having to be home to put Ryder on the school bus and get him off the bus just won't work out. I am really not sure that a 3 year old is ready for a full-time pre-school, but I do know that Zak would love to be around other kids and learning.

I have an appointment at the office for the Head Start program on Thursday morning to fill out the application and find out if Zak qualifies for the program. I also know that Zak will have to be potty trained to attend this program. My goal is to have him potty trained over the summer so hopefully that won't be a problem. I was also told that there is a waiting list for these programs a lot of the time. So I will find out more information on Thursday and update as I find anything out.

The boys are growing up way too fast! In August both of my babies could be going to pre-school!