Monday, April 5, 2010

Home From VA

We all had a great time at the campground in VA. I took close to 400 pictures over the weekend so it will take me a little while to figure out which ones to post. I am going to tell about our trip here and then later today (hopefully) I will make another post with just pictures.

We left the house around 4:45pm on Friday to drop the dogs off with Rich & Laura and to pick up the boys. Then we went through the drive-thru at Chick-Fil-A and headed to VA. We made it to the campground around 9:30pm and got checked in. Once we got to the RV we quickly realized that they did not provide sheets, pillows, or towels in them like they did for the cabin we stayed at 3 years ago for our "honeymoon". After Ben unpacked the car we all piled back in and drove to the 24-hour WalMart which is about 15 minutes down the road to buy the necessary things. Finally, we got back to the RV and got the boys to bed. I admit that I was VERY unhappy at that point and begging to just go home. I stayed up most of the night being grumpy while the boys and Ben slept. I do not sleep well in silence so being without TV or even a radio was difficult for me (not because I couldn't watch TV, but because I didn't have the background noise).

Here is a quick run-down of what we spent our days doing:

5:30am- Ryder woke up and I entertained him
7am- Ben and Zak woke up
8am- Trip to the general store to buy eggs so we could hard biol them for the egg dying event
10am- Egg dying fun at the big red barn which the boys loved
Played at one of the many playgrounds at the campground
11am- Took a picture with the Easter Bunny without any tears!
Went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch
1pm- Easter egg hunt which the boys also enjoyed
2pm- We enjoyed some swimming at the indoor pool
The rest of the afternoon we spent playing at the various playgrounds, walking across the swinging bridge and had dinner at the Red Barn Grill at the campground.
6pm- We went to a bonfire to roast marshmallows which turned out to be a disappointing fire, but the boys liked it.
8pm- We got the boys settled down to watch a movie and then put them to bed. That night they decided they wanted to sleep in the Queen bed (instead of sharing the bottom bunk bed) so Ben and I slept on the futon in the living room area. Once the boys were asleep Ben and I put a DVD in the laptop to watch while I put together their Easter baskets.

8am- The boys woke up and we had breakfast. The boys quickly spotted the Nutter Butters in their Easter baskets so that is what they decided to have for breakfast! Then the opened all of the eggs in the basket to find their treats. They loved the microphones we had in the baskets also.
10am- Zak got a splinter from dragging his hand along a wooden fence so we had to get some tweezers so Ben could get it out. We then did a craft at the craft shack called grassapillars. The boys got to color part of an egg carton and then put eyes on it. They gave us seeds to plant inside of them once we got home.
11am- We played mini golf which was the boys' first time playing. Ben is very competitive at mini golf so I was not sure how well it would go if they didn't play "correctly". They did very well for their first time playing. The last few holes Ryder decided to ditch the golf club and just roll the ball.
12:30pm- We had lunch at the Red Barn grill and then played at the playground.
2pm- We went on a hayride which went all around the campground which the boys enjoyed.
The rest of the afternoon we played around the RV, at the playgrounds and walked around.
5pm- We went to dinner at O'Charleys which is about 15 minutes down the road. I love O'Charleys and we don't have any near us so I had to eat there.
After dinner we let the boys ride their scooters around one of the playgrounds for a while. Then we went to an open gym, but it turned out to be filled with older kids so we decided to play at one of the playgrounds until it got dark outside.
8pm- We put the boys to bed and then Ben and I watched another movie.

7am- The boys woke up and had breakfast
Ben and I got everything packed up and in the car. We checked out around 9am and headed towards home. I was dying to borrow the first two Twilight books from my sister so we stopped in Annapolis. We went to Target for a bit waiting for my sister to get home from her errands so we could pick up one of the books from her. After that we headed to Rich & Laura's house to pick up the dogs and finally came home.

I got over my "mood" once we got up and moving on Saturday. We had a lot of fun! I did get a little moody again on Saturday night when I went to take a shower and the hot water quickly turned into freezing cold water. I knew the hot water heater was small, but that was crazy. I had washed my hair with shampoo and just put the conditioner in when the water became cold to the point of making my skin hurt. I struggled long enough to get the conditioner out. When I got out of the shower I checked the sink in the bathroom and it still had hot water...actually the water was hotter than the shower water had ever gotten. I was not happy!

There was an older couple who rode around on their golf cart during the day. They would park and watch all of the activities and we saw them all over the campground. At one point on Saturday they saw us at the RV and stopped to talk. They loved watching the boys play on their scooters and kick their balls around. The boys also loved talking to the couple, giving them high fives, and dancing to the music that was playing on their golf cart.

I will make the other post with pictures sometime later today hopefully...