Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Birthday Week Plans

My mom and Piper will be riding the Auto Train from MD to FL for the boys' birthday. They will get in on Tuesday August 3 and stay until Tuesday August 10. We have had a few different sets of plans for their visit, but I think we finally have pretty concrete plans at the moment. They are going to stay with a family member, Love, in Waugh Chapel. She also said that the four of us could stay there as well if we wanted to.

So on Wednesday August 4 Ryder will have his therapy session and then Rich is going to pick up the boys and take them to Laura's company party in Columbia. That will allow me to pack us up without any extra help from the boys. Once Ben gets home from work we will pack up the dogs and head to Rich & Laura's house. We will drop the dogs and crates off to them and pick up the boys to head to Waugh Chapel. The plan is for us to stay there with my mom & Piper until Sunday. This is all possible because Ben is taking off Thursday and Friday that week. We had discussed the possibility of him taking off on the boys' birthday (Thursday August 5) because he has had bad luck the last year and been out of town on just about all of our birthdays. On Sunday evening we will pick up the dogs and head home so Ben can get back to work on Monday.

While staying with my mom we have some plans that we hope to accomplish. We are going to get the boys' 3 year pictures done at Sears because my mom is also going to get Piper's pictures done as well. We are also looking into taking the kids to Port Discovery on the boys' birthday. My mom is going to go through Mum Mum's attic to see if there is anything she wants to take back with her. The women of the family are going to Ladies' Night at Clay Bakers which should be fun. My mom has a few people she wants to get in touch with and try to visit with while in FL so we might go with her to see some of them as well. Then of course we have the boys' birthday party on Saturday.