Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Weekend

On Saturday we got some much needed rain and cooler weather (in the 80's), but it caused Haleigh's birthday party to be moved to Sunday. We spent all day at the house which can lead to the boys getting very bored. So Ben decided to take the boys outside to ride their bikes when he noticed it had stopped raining for a little bit. We got outside and started to ride bikes and then it started raining again. The boys ended up playing outside in the rain (very heavy at times) and had a blast! Zak really is getting good at riding his bike and only needs help if he pedals backwards which puts on the brakes...he then has issues getting started again. Ryder still has not figured out the concept of pedaling, but is very content to just sit on his bike and get pushed once and a while. After a while they moved from the bikes to their scooters which Ryder is a pro at. They both rode their scooters around in the rain for a while before Ben and I decided it was time to go inside because everyone was drenched.

After the boys were inside and dried off I took this picture so Zak could show off his new Cars underwear. Before going outside the boys wanted to put on underwear so we let them. When we came inside we discovered Ryder had peed which we knew would probably happen, but Zak was still dry. He went on the potty a few times, but a little while later he pooped in his underwear. Have to start some where...

On Sunday we wen to Haleigh's birthday party. The weather was nice (it did get hot around 3pm) and the kids all had fun playing in the baby pools.

Haleigh, the birthday girl
Boys playing with the goats
The boys fell asleep in the car on the way home from the party. When we got home Ryder ended up waking up, but Zak continued to sleep for a while on the couch. We had pizza for dinner and then the boys sat with us to watch some TV before bed. Once they were in bed Ben started packing for his work trip. He left the house around 4am today to go to a job in VA that he will spend the week at.

This week Zak will spend some time with Poppy on Tuesday while I take Ryder to his appointment at Kennedy Krieger so we will miss therapy class this week. On Wednesday Ryder's special educator will come for her session.