Saturday, July 17, 2010

Change In Plans

My plans for this weekend changed meaning I did not end up going to the cat show in NJ. I was dying to go and it still makes me sad thinking about not being there, but it was the right decision for us at the moment. We are extremely tight on money so I couldn't spend the weekend eating out and spending money knowing we have bills to pay.

I still took the boys for a sleepover with Nanny & Poppy on Thursday night so I could go to the monthly HOA meeting. The meeting went well, much better than they normally end up. On Friday I decided to take advantage of being kid-free and got somethings done that I have needed to do. The first thing on my list was to get my hair cut since it has been over a year. I like having long hair and always hate when people try to get me to cut it short, but I know it needed to be cut. So I told the person not to use numbers, but to show me different options which she did. Finally I agreed to a length and she started to cut. After it was all done I was shocked to see the amount of hair on the ground so I asked how much had been cut off and she said 8 inches!! This is a bad picture because I took it myself, but it will give you an idea as to how short my hair is now (or how long it used to be if you picture 8 more inches)....

After that I went to a few stores to buy some more supplies for the boys' birthday party. We now have everything except for the food which we have to wait to get until it is closer. Then I made my way over to Crofton to Once Upon A Child because I needed to look for button up shirts for the boys to wear in their 3 year pictures. I was lucky and found 2 of the same shirts in different colors so it will work well for pictures. I also looked at some pants since the boys have mostly outgrown everything from last winter by length. I ended up getting them 2 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of khaki pants. I got 3T with adjustable waistbands and much to my surprise they actually fit the boys pretty well. I have to tighten the waistband all the way and they are still a little loose fitting, but the length was right. I can't believe any kids out of Ben & I would need a larger size of pants because of needing the length! I made it to Rich & Laura's house in the early afternoon to pick up the boys. They were in the pool so it took some convincing to get them out, dressed and in the car. We sat in a good amount of traffic, but finally did make it home. Ben had called to say he would be home around 9pm so I decided to try and let the boys stay up to see him since the last time they saw him was Sunday night. We had dinner, took a bath and watched a movie. When Ben opened the door Zak went crazy! He is always excited when Ben gets home, but this was an extreme reaction of excitement. I wish I could go away for a few days just so that I could have that type of reaction upon my arrival, but I know being away from them is no fun. I was anxious to see them after only being away for less than 24 hours!

This morning the boys were up and ready to start the day at 7am even though they didn't go to bed until about 10pm last night. We had breakfast and then decided to go to the playground. The boys had a blast, but we only stayed for about an hour because it started to get pretty hot out even at 10am.

While at the playground we took a break to get some water at the water fountain. The boys decided drinking from the doggy water fountain was more fun so that is what they did...

We made a stop at CVS on the way home to pick up my insulin. While there I decided to look at the hair dye. I figured if I got it cut I should go ahead and dye it as well. Ben, the boys, and I decided on a color and Ben will dye my hair tomorrow. I chose something different from my normal light blonde so we will see what happens...I am nervous about it. I know you are curious on the color so it is called Reddish Blonde. If it works on my hair like the samples show on the box my hair should turn out to be pretty red!

The rest of the day we spent at the house not doing too much. Of course the boys chose not to nap, but they did lay down to watch a movie for a while. Around 4pm Ben had to leave to meet his mom for the Orioles baseball game tonight. It was not a pretty sight at our house when the boys realized Ben was leaving. Zak blocked the front door and Ryder whined. Once Ben got out of the house Zak went into a panic and started to bang on the door, cry and scream "Daddy forgot me!". It was really sad to watch because I know they missed him all week and didn't want to see him leave again. I finally got them calmed down and they laid on the couch with me to watch a movie.

After a while I realized Ryder had the blanket over his face so I looked under it and discovered he was sound asleep. He actually slept for about 2 hours!
After the movie was over Zak asked me where my keys were and then looked outside and asked where my car was. I told him that daddy had taken the car when he went out and that caused Zak to get upset again. We had dinner and played for a bit. I put them to bed at 8pm and they are now sleeping.