Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day Outside

This morning the boys woke up around 7:15am or so. They had some breakfast and then we all got dressed and headed to the car. I was looking forward to this morning because we went to the farmers market. I love going to get fresh fruit and veggies, but we usually don't have the money to do so. But the WIC program gives us about $12-$24 each year to use at the market so we definitely take advantage of that. This morning we got peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a watermelon. As soon as we got home Zak started begging for some "watermellow" (aka watermelon) so Ben cut it. The boys really pigged out on it and enjoyed it!

We then packed up our bag with swimming stuff and headed over to Rich & Laura's house to go swimming. Today the boys surprised us with some new skills and greater independence while in the pool. They were doing good with the tubes so I pulled out the swimmies to put on their arms. Last time we tried them they both freaked out and didn't like them, but this time they just took off kicking around the pool. They both did so good keeping themselves above the water and kicking around. Then they even started to jump off the ladder, go underwater, and come back up all on their with! Once we got out of the pool to dry off we realized just how tan they have gotten...and they wear 50 SPF every time we go outside! These pictures were taken on my cell phone and really don't show even half of how tan they really are...

Zak swimming
Ryder enjoying his freedom
Once they started liking to go underwater Ben started to get inventive with things for them to do. This was the result which both boys ended up liking...