Monday, July 5, 2010

Swimming and Baseball

This morning I woke up around 8:15am and the boys woke up shortly after that. We had a slow start this morning, but had to leave the house around 9:30am because we had plans to go to my grandparents' house for some swimming. We met Chelley, John & Madelyn there and had more fun together. My aunt and uncle also came over to swim and visit with us. The boys were somewhat cranky and scared of swimming at first, but after a while they got better. Both boys went down the water slide and had fun playing ball with everyone in the pool. Madelyn also went down the slide (just the very end) and thought it was fun. After a while the boys showed everyone how they could go underwater. John and I convinced Chelley to let me dunk Madelyn under the water and she did so good. She came up without any tears or coughing so she was not phased or harmed by it, but Chelley was. She had to get out of the pool before I was allowed to do it, but John and I agree that we want to help Madelyn not become afraid of the water and be able to swim. We had a good lunch and then packed up to head home around 2pm.

When we got home the boys and Ben laid down on the couch to watch Curious George 2. I went to the bedroom and took a little nap because I was exhausted! Around 5:30pm we all got ourselves moving again to head to the Aberdeen Ironbirds baseball games. The boys liked to watch the baseball be thrown, but really had a hard time sitting still in the seats. They stood up for most of the time and I walked Zak around for a bit as well. We only stayed for a little over an hour since the boys were getting antsy and it was after 8pm.

Once we left the baseball game we made a stop at WalMart to look for a few things. Ben got a new watch to wear to work since his other watch died. We then came home and put the boys to bed around 9:30pm or so. I am ready to crash! It has been around 100 degrees the last 2 days which we have spent mostly outside so tomorrow the boys and I are planning to stay home and get things done here. We do have to make a quick trip to the library to return a few things and pick up a few books I have on hold, but they don't open until 1pm. The rest of the week our only solid plans are Ryder's speech therapy on Wednesday and Haleigh's birthday party on Saturday.