Saturday, July 3, 2010

Busy Weekend

Yesterday the boys and I went to WalMart to start getting things for their birthday party. The Toy Story stuff seems to be selling out quickly so I wanted to get somethings we know we wanted. We got stuff for cupcakes (instead of having a cake), some goody bag things, and a few other things. While there I was talking to my mom on the phone (she paid for the party supplies) and she asked to talk to Zak & Ryder on the phone. I let them each talk to her and then found out their "secret" conversation was all about good behavior. She then told me to buy them a Buzz and Woody doll that were on sale as a gift from her, but they were told (by her) that Ben and I could take them away at anytime if they were not listening or behaving. I had 2 very happy little boys at that point! When we got home and got them out of the package the boys never let them out of their sight!

They even had to have Buzz & Woody sitting
with them for lunch (Toy Story Mac & Cheese)
Last night we told them if they ate all of their dinner we would go out for a special treat. They both ate very well so we made a family trip to Coldstone. We had a coupon and gift card so we paid nothing out of pocket for the ice cream.

This morning the boys immediately asked for Buzz & Woody to play with. We have had a few times in the last 24 hours that they were taken away because they were not behaving or because they couldn't share them. I have come to the conclusion that Buzz & Woody are toys we may need 2 of because they are just too hard to share. We have done well up until this point with not needing two of any toys really. Zak wanted to put on his cowboy boots while playing with Woody...look how innocent he looks!

We went to Rich & Laura's for some swimming today. When we got home the boys played on their scooters while Ben and I cleaned out the car. It amazes me every time we clean out the car just how much stuff is in it!

Tomorrow we will be spending the day in Annapolis. We will probably go in by lunchtime since the parking is always bad on 4th of July and tomorrow is also the First Sunday Art Festival which creates even more chaos downtown. We will probably go to Kay's house to play for a while with all the kids since Colleen's AC is not working in the living room. I am bringing out sprinkler so the kids should have fun. The parade is at 5:45pm and then we will have a cook-out for dinner. The fireworks are planned for 9:15pm and then we will sit in traffic to head home.

Monday we are going to visit my grandparent's in Riva for a little bit in the morning. That evening we are going to the Ironbirds baseball game.

I wanted to share a cute picture of Ryder. This week I think I may have found a solution to our lack of naps...separating the boys into different bedrooms. I have been able to get them to nap 3 days this week by doing this which is more than normal for one week. Zak has been misbehaving so Ryder got to sleep in my bed this week...