Monday, August 16, 2010

3 Year Pediatrician Check-up

The boys had their 3 Year check-up with the pediatrician this morning. They both did well overall during the appointment. First I want to give you their new stats and compare to see how much they have grown.

3 years-old: 28.5 pounds (25%), 36.25 inches (25%)
2 years-old: 24 pounds (10%), 33.5 inches (25%)
1 year-old: 19 pounds 1oz (6%), 28.6 inches (18%)
Birth: 4 pounds 2oz, 17 inches

3 years-old: 28 pounds (25%), 33.75 inches (30%)
2 years-old: 23 pounds (3%), 33.25 inches (25%)
1 year-old: 18 pounds 4oz (5%), 28.6 inches (18%)
Birth: 3 pounds 1oz, 15 inches

The pediatrician examined Zak first. While doing his physical exam the pediatrician asked Zak a few questions...

P: What is your name?
Z: I Zak
P: How old are you?
Z: Three. I had birthday.
P: Are you a boy or a girl?
Z: I boy. Mommy girl, Ryder boy, you boy.

This conversation continued on with asking some colors and then anything else Zak could think to talk about. The pediatrician said Zak looks to be in great health and development. We then talked about my concerns of possible reflux. In the last month or so Zak has been burping ALL the time. We can tell when they are real burps or if he is making himself burp. He has also had a few random episodes of vomit for no apparent reason. So the pediatrician decided to put him on Zantac again (he was on it as a baby) to see if the symptoms get better. I will take him back in 1 month to see how he is doing with the medication.

Then it was Ryder's turn to sit on the table for his physical exam and questions. This is how his conversation with the pediatrician went...

P: What is your name?
R: Me
P: How old are you?
R: Ry Ry
P: Are you a boy or a girl?
R: Girl

I have to say that I am impressed with the fact that Ryder even responded to the questions since we don't see the pediatrician all that often so he is really a stranger and not being in the home setting. The pediatrician agreed that he is happy to see Ryder talking so much more than before, but that there are still delays in comprehension. He said that Ryder's ear infection was cleared up, but he still had some fluid in the left ear which could take up to 6 weeks to completely go away after having an infection. So he will finish up his antibiotics on Wednesday. We talked about Ryder's various delays, but also talked about how much great progress he has been making. We are both looking forward to see how well he does once school starts in September. The pediatrician wants to see Ryder in about 3-4 months to do his yearly developmental appointment so we can see how much school is helping him along. We then talked about the results from the Immunologist's blood work. After the pediatrician was done he sent the nurse back in with two shots for Ryder, the boosters that the Immunologist requested to be done. As the nurse walked in and I sat Ryder on my lap he said "No hurt Ry Ry". It was so sad and the nurse felt horrible! They did one shot in each arm which was new since every other time they have gotten shots in their legs. Poor Ryder was a mess during the shots screaming, crying, holding his breath, and turning purple. Once both shots were done I held him for a minute and then when we walked out to the car he held his arms up, shaking his hands saying "owww, hurt". By the time we got home he didn't say a word about it anymore. I will watch for a fever or any side effects because last time he got the MMR he did end up with a fever and not feeling 100% for a few days.