Friday, February 6, 2009

Family Update

I wanted to try and do a little family update monthly or so. I was going to post it yesterday because the boys turned into 18 months, but just didn't have time.

As a family: We are officially looking for a place of our own to call home. We don't really have all of our finances in place, but we feel the need to start looking and see what we can find. This weekend we are hoping to go and look at a few places in Edgewood, MD which is in Harford county. We have discovered very quickly that Anne Arundel county is out of the picture due to the high costs. I will keep everybody updated on how our search is going. The boys turned 18 months yesterday! They will have their 18 month check-up next week so I will update with their measurements then. The boys are still battling their infections and colds, but are definitely turning the corner and getting better.

Ben: He is enjoying his new job at Fairbanks Scales. He likes the hands-on stuff which makes this job great for him. He went to his first Kansas City training class the last week of January which went well (other than him having to change his flight plans last minute to help me in FL).

April: I am still battling with the sinus infection, but am at least functional now which is always a good thing. I have been watching Madelyn periodically recently since Circuit City is closing and John's schedule is all over the place. Not much else really to update about myself.

Zak: He is such a momma's boy all of a sudden. He is always following me around and trying to do whatever I am doing. His newest thing is to kiss people. He loves to give Ryder kisses and it is so cute to watch. He loves to dance which is always entertaining to watch. He is wearing 18 month clothing, but can also wear 24 month tops and is in 5W shoes. He still is not saying many actual words, but so far he will say mama, dada, dog, and car. He will sign milk, more, eat, and all done.

Ryder: He is still definitely an observer and is slow to try new things. He has now mastered walking which makes him very happy since he can keep up with Zak. He also enjoys giving kisses, but mainly when you ask him for a kiss he will give you his forehead so you can kiss him. He is also getting into dancing with Zak which is always funny to watch. He is also wearing 18 month clothing, but can wear 14 month tops and is in 5W shoes. As for talking he will say mama, dada, dog, and bye bye. He will sign eat, milk, and all done.
As I posted before I was in a car accident on Monday. We finally heard back from the insurance company that they will be fixing my car. So today I am going to get a rental car to use until my car is ready (not sure how long it will take).

This morning after I fed the boys breakfast I went to mess with their carseats. When I came back this is what I found...
Notice the lack of pants and diaper on Zak!


Patricia said...

Good luck with the house search! What is it about diapers and toddlers stripping them off?!?