Saturday, February 21, 2009

Home Inspection

This morning Ben and I went to the townhouse for the home inspection. They found no lead, no mold, and no termites. The inspector said that everything looked good and only found cosmetic things which we already knew about. Now that the inspections are done and nothing major was found we are going to buy the townhouse! We will close on it Friday March 27 and then plan to do cleaning and painting that first weekend with the hopes of being able to move in the following weekend. It will all depend on how much we can get done the first weekend in the house. While we were there I took a few pictures to show everybody. As soon as I turned on the camera my battery light started flashing. So I had to snap a few quick pictures and then use my cell phone for a few more. The pictures are not great and are at odd angles since I was battling the dead batteries. I didn't really get any pictures of the bedrooms because I was rushing to try and get a few various ones before the battery died completely.

As you walk in the front door, living room

through living room, kitchenoff kitchen, deck & backyard

back of the house
as walk in front door, stairs to go up
standing master bedroom looking down hall

at end of hallway will be boys' bedroom probably

bedroom (boys' playroom probably)basement (built in bar)
unfinished laundry room

We were supposed to meet with the lender tonight, but just received a call to re-schedule since his family is all sick. So we will now be meeting with him Monday night.