Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nice Weather

This afternoon it was actually pretty nice outside so we took advantage of it and let the boys play in the front yard while we switched car seats from Dani's car to our car. We brought the infamous penitentiary outside to keep them contained.

While we were outside playing the neighbors from across the street brought a gift to the boys. The mother and her two daughters came across the street with two toy lawn mowers, one for each of the boys. She said they had way too many toys and were trying to go through them so wanted to know if we would like them. Of course we said yes and the boys seem to enjoy them. Now that we will have a backyard (even though it is small) this will give the boys something to play with out there.

After eating dinner we decided to give the boys a bath because they were pretty messy. While they were in the bathtub Laura and Dani stopped by to pick up Dani's car (we got our car back today after getting a new thermostat and water pump) so they joined in and helped bathe the boys and played for a bit before leaving. We brought the boys into our bedroom for a bit and Ryder decided to have a little too much fun! He was so proud of himself and not very happy when we made him help clean it up.