Monday, February 2, 2009

Horrible Morning

This morning when I woke up I still felt like crap, but knew I had to get up and take care of the boys. I called the pediatrician to schedule an appointment as a follow-up to the FL doctors. Their appointment was made for 9:30am so I got things going to get out of the house on time. We got in the car and headed out to the pediatrician. Well, on Benfield right out of the community we got into a car accident! Yes, I rear-ended the car in front of me. Basically, we were all stopped at a red light. When it turned green everybody let off the brakes and started rolling. Well, as I did this I sneezed and must have hit the gas. I immediately hit the brakes which locked causing me to slide into the Explorer in front of me. His toe hitch went under my car which must have hit the radiator because my car was leaking fluid. Both of my front airbags went off along with the bumper being damaged and then the keys would not come out. The boys didn't even know anything happened, they were just sitting in the car seats looking around.

I called the police and then the guy from the car I hit came over to make sure we were ok. He was fine and didn't really have any noticeable damage to his car. My horn was going off and wouldn't stop so he messed with it and took the relay out so it would turn off. Once the police got to the scene he called a tow truck for me and proceeded to fill out paperwork. In the end the police did give me a ticket for suspended registration which I had no clue about. He told me it was probably because I had moved and the notice for emissions had gotten mixed up and sent to my old address. I just had to go online and apply for an extension and have it taken care of by the court date and I will be fine.

I have talked to the insurance company and was told that MD law requires a car to be totaled if there is 75% of the worth of the car in damage amounts. She said by what I explained my car would probably be totaled, but that somebody would go check out the car today or tomorrow and then I would find out if it is totaled or going to be fixed. On Thursday is when I will fill out paperwork and find out what is going on with the car.

Ben came home from work because I called him while I was at the scene of the accident. Luckily I was able to call Dave and he came with his car to take the boys with their car seats and then I walked home once everything was done. We got the boys' appointment with the pediatrician moved to this afternoon so we will be able to make it there still today.