Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When It Rains It Pours

This saying has definitely been true for our family the last few months. We have run into some really bad luck with various things over the past few months. We thought finally our luck was changing and good things were coming since our offer was accepted on the townhouse, we qualified for the good loan, and everything else seems to be running smoothly with the townhouse. Well, tonight things went downhill for us once again.

We took our car to get the emissions done (it passed) and then went to meet Ben's family for dinner. As we were stopping at a light by the mall the car just died and started smoking. We got the car pushed off of the road and Ben's sister picked up the boys and I to take us to the mall. Ben had a friend from work meet him and help out with the car. They finally got it to start, but as soon as they started to drive it the car started to smoke badly again. So they got it to a service center and dropped the keys off in the after hours drop box. Tomorrow morning Ben will call there and check on the car to see what is wrong. We are hoping it will be something that can be easily fixed and won't cost too much or end the life of the car; considering we just signed all of the paperwork for the mortgage loan and won't be able to buy a new car.

Dani (Ben's sister) was awesome tonight and let us just bring her car home so that we could get home from the mall and so that we would have a car for any emergency that might arise and cause us to need a car to go out. Ben's family has some coordinating to do since Dani let us borrow her car and we are grateful they were able to help us out like this. Hopefully the car will get looked at tomorrow and fixed ASAP.