Monday, February 2, 2009

Pediatrician Follow-up

We safely made it to the pediatrician this afternoon. We saw one of the new nurse practitioners and I really liked her. She was great with the boys and I felt like she really listened to me which is so important. First she looked at Zak and said his ears are still infected, but that his lungs sounded great. He still has 5 more days on the antibiotic so after that his ears should be fine. If he does cough a lot and wheeze then we need to do the albuterol, but we don't need to do the every 4 hours any more. Then she looked at Ryder and her has fluid in both ears, but not infections. She said he sounded wheezy in his lungs so we did a breathing treatment while in the office so she could hear what his lungs sounded like afterwards. Once the treatment was done so said his lungs sounded really good so that is great news. He is done with his antibiotics, but she wants us to continue doing the breathing treatments every 4-6 hours during the day. He has another follow-up appointment for Thursday just to check his lungs and if he is still wheezing then she wants to get an x-ray just to see what is going on.

She also said that the cough Zak (and some of Ryder's coughing) has is still from the RSV/cold that they both have which is what caused the secondary infections they got. It is just a common cold, but for kids under 2 and especially preemies it can cause more serious issues. So we have no clue how long this cold will linger, but hopefully not too long!