Sunday, February 1, 2009

We Made It Home

All 4 of us survived the plane ride from Fl to MD yesterday. The boys were pretty active and didn't want to sit still, but they still behaved pretty well. I had a rough flight because my left ear had tons of pain. As a result I am not able to hear anything out of that ear still, but I am hoping as my sinus infection gets better and the pressure goes down I will get my hearing back.

On the flight Ben and I each sat on an aisle seat so we could be next to each other. It was a miracle that a nice woman and her 10yr old daughter chose to sit next to me because they were great entertainment for Zak. At one point the girl asked if she could hold Zak and he loved it. He sat in her lap and played with the window and was so content. Ryder also got a chance to sit in her lap and play.

Today I have been in bed all day because I feel sicker than I have any other day. I am just miserable with a stuffy/runny nose, stuffy ears, headache and so on. Ben has been taking care of the boys today since he has to go to work tomorrow. I am supposed to watch Madelyn, but John is trying to get his schedule changed so he can be off tomorrow since I am feeling so crappy.