Friday, February 27, 2009

Morning At the Park

When I woke up this morning I was surprised to find some nice weather with temps in the low 60's and slightly windy. I decided to take the boys to the playground at Lake Waterford to enjoy the nice weather. They both had so much fun running up and down all of the ramps, swinging, and going down the slides. We stayed for about an hour, but then more kids started to show up and it became difficult to keep track of both boys on my own so we left.

Zak has turned into such a dare devil. He has no fears when it comes to trying new things. He was climbing up and all over the big kid playground and was not very interested in staying with Ryder on the toddler playground.

After leaving the playground we made a trip to Once Upon A Child. I love this store because they have nice clothes for very cheap. I went looking for some Orioles clothing (Ben made a comment the other day how the boys had outgrown all of their O's clothing) and Easter outfits for them. I was successful and found 1 O's tank jersey, 2 spring sweater vests, and 2 light weight long sleeve button up shirts to wear under the vests.
This weekend we plan to get laundry done and get things ready for next week because Ben will be away for training in Kansas City from Monday morning until late Thursday night. It will be a long week, but the boys and I will survive. I hope to be able to make plenty of trips to the mall play area or even outside to playgrounds if the weather is nice again.


Natalie said...

Wow - they are getting so big!