Monday, May 25, 2009

Bathroom- Day 2

After visiting with Rich & Laura for a bit in the morning yesterday we came back home and Ben started working on the bathroom again. He had to finish the plumbing, cut holes in the wall for the spout and handle, install the walls and other various things. Finally around 1am this morning he had all of the plumbing hooked up and turned on with only a very minor leak. So we now have a functioning toilet and a brand new bathtub and shower walls! I immediately took a hot shower and it was great. The boys took a bath this morning...

We still need to patch up the holes in the drywall and get some trim to put up around the edges of the shower walls. But it already looks a million times better than before. This morning we have been trying to clean up the mess that our house has become over the weekend and then this afternoon we are going to Rich & Laura's for a cook-out. We are hoping the rain will hold off for a bit, but not too sure.

Ben said this will be the last big home project for us for a while! We still need to paint and get a new fence for the backyard, but those will have to wait a while.