Thursday, May 28, 2009

Interesting Day

Yesterday we had a few interesting events which I felt were worthy of being put on the blog. I didn't get any pictures of them, sorry.

It all started in the morning when I opened their bedroom door to let them come downstairs for breakfast. As I opened the door I found a big surprise...Zak was completely naked. He had taken off his shirt, shorts, and diaper. He was just as happy as could be. I found his diaper laying in the corner of the room and it was dry. Well, he must have taken it off early in the night because Ryder's bed was drenched with pee! Yes, Zak decided to strip down to nothing and pee on Ryder's bed. Meanwhile, Ryder had also taken off all of his clothes, but left his diaper on.

Fast forward to nap time....I was sitting in the living room eating lunch when I heard horrible screaming start. I could tell it was Ryder because they do have different cries/screams. I ran upstairs, opened the bedroom door and didn't see Ryder anywhere. I almost immediately realized where he was...inside of the dresser! Recently the boys have been obsessed with opening the dresser drawers, emptying them and sitting inside of them. It was just annoying to have to clean up, but this was now getting dangerous. Some how Ryder was laying down in the drawer which had been completely closed! Zak was just sitting on the bed trying to look innocent, but I know Ryder couldn't do that all by himself. As soon as I opened the drawer a little bit Ryder stopped screaming and started laughing. So yesterday evening we went out and bought some safety latches to put on the bottom 2 drawers hoping this won't happen again.

Last night I took Robin to her second puppy training class which went very differently from the first class. This time she was the loud, annoying, obnoxious puppy in the class who wouldn't sit still or stop barking. Everybody thought it was funny how much she had changed in just 1 week.

Hopefully today will be less eventful...