Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Yesterday after nap time we took the boys to Rich & Laura's to go swimming. We have only been swimming 1 other time this summer so far. The boys are definitely water babies!

Robin enjoyed swimming also
Ryder wearing Nana's glasses
Zak wearing Nana's glasses
The boys with Isabelle

climbing into the pool alone
Zak going up the ladder
Big boys

This morning the boys had an appointment with the pediatrician to do a developmental screening. He found Ryder to be right around the 18 month mark which is similar to what the EI evaluation found. The pediatrician is glad we are doing therapy because the main concern is the large discrepancy between his expressive language and his cognitive skills which can be a pre-cursor to learning disabilities. Zak is the one that truly surprised us with how well he did. The pediatrician found him to be around a 30 month level! We have been so concentrated on figuring our Ryder's therapy and all that we have not even noticed the amazing things Zak is able to do. We will definitely start doing activities with him that are more at his level as well. We got some new weights and lengths on the boys also...

Zak: 23lb 12oz, 33.25inches

Ryder: 22lb 8oz, 32.75 inches

Tomorrow Ben is going to play golf with Rich and AJ so he is very excited. Depending on what time they are done the boys and I might meet at Rich & Laura's to go swimming again. The other big thing this week is the Orioles game on Sunday. Ben is excited to take the boys to their first O's game even though I am not so sure how long they will last at the game.

A little update on Mum Mum...we have been a little worried about what medications she is getting so today I called and got the full list. There is really 1 medication I am not too happy about her getting, but we will see what happens. Today she had a rough day and refused to do her afternoon PT session and became pretty upset which caused them to medicate her with a strong anti-anxiety drug. They have told us that if she continues to refuse PT then she will need to be moved out of the rehab center and into a nursing home. With all of this going on my mom & Piper are probably going to be making another trip to MD soon.


Natalie said...

Looks like the boys had a blast swimming! Good luck at the oriole's game.