Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Today was the boys first holiday. We got them costumes from Build-A-Bear and they looked so cute. I will post a few pictures of them in the picture section. We went into downtown Annapolis to walk around and go trick or treating with my cousins (3yr, 8yr) because they just love having the boys come over. It was fun even though the boys slept through most of it.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

First Cold

Zak is experiencing his first illness, a cold. We took him to the pediatrician today just to be cautious to make sure it wasn't in his lungs and wasn't RSV. They said his lungs are clear, but to watch him closely because it could easily turn into RSV and take over his lungs. So we are watching him and taking lots of hot showers for him to get the steam. Ryder is starting to sound a little congested, but nothing like Zak. Zak has a bad cough and sounds so congested.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Synagis Shot

We got a call from the pediatrician today that the RSV shots have come in. The boys go to get their shots on Thursday. They will get them monthly from now until March or April.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Remaining 2-Month Vaccines

Well, today the boys had the last 3 of their 2-month vaccines. They did good for them just as they did last time. We did give them Tylenol this time instead of waiting to see if they got a fever in the hopes of preventing a fever. They go back December 10 for their 4-month check-up and vaccines.

Also while at the pediatrician today we talked about Ryder's constant spitting up. They decided to start him on Zantac twice a day to see if that helps since it seems like he does have slight reflux. Zak still spits up after feedings as well, but his is the "normal" baby spit up so he is not going to need the medication. Ryder will more than likely outgrow the reflux and not need to be on the medication forever, but we will wait and see.
Zak weighed 8lb 5oz and Ryder was 7lb 1oz.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Getting Bigger

The boys are both growing and getting bigger everyday. They are BOTH now wearing Newborn diapers!! Zak is wearing Newborn clothes as well. Ryder is still wearing the preemie clothes, but will soon join his brother in the bigger clothes. They both have lots of outfits to pick from at the moment since they are wearing different sizes. They are getting so big to us. Both have over doubled their birth weights!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Home Visit Discharge

Today was Ryder's last visit from the home nurse. He was 6lb 7.5oz on her scale today. The scale she has and the scale at the pediatrician must be a little different because I doubt he gained 7.5oz in 2 days. But it shows that he gained at least. From his last weight with the home nurse which was 1 week ago he has gained 11.5oz!

Update on both boys after their vaccines....they did good. We did have to start giving them Tylenol because of a slight fever and also being fussy. Their legs are so tense where the shots were given so I am sure it hurts. They go back for 3 more next week.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

2-Month Pediatrician Appointment

The boys were at the pediatrician today for their 2-month check-up. They have both gained weight well and are on track developmentally for being preemies. Zak weighed 7lb 10oz and was 20.5inches long. He is in the 50th percentile for height and weight of preemies on the growth curve. Ryder was 6lb exactly and 18.5inches long which is the 5th percentile for preemies. He is smaller, but still gaining well and doing great. They needed a total of 6 vaccines today, but the pediatrician didn't want to do that many at 1 time. So today they received 3 and will go back next Thursday for the last 3. They will go back to see the pediatrician at 4 months next.
We talked about the RSV vaccine today. The pediatrician said they 100% need it and if the insurance company doesn't want to cover it they will fight until it gets covered since they really need it. If you are not sure what RSV is there are a few good websites explaining it. Real quick explanation is that it is a really bad cold that preemies can get which can be fatal for them. They can get RSV from any person who has recently had even a mild cold. Because of their high risk of getting RSV they will receive the monthly vaccine along with our job of keeping them away from anybody who is sick or has been within 7 days of coming around the boys.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Home Nurse Discharge

Today the home nurse was here to weigh the boys and check on their progress. She first checked over Zak and weighed. He now weighs 7lb 4.5oz which is a gain of 11.5oz in 7 days! She decided he is doing great and no longer needs home visits.
She then looked over Ryder and weighed him as well. He is now weighing 5lb 12oz which is a gain of 9oz in 7 days which is also great. At the moment he has a pretty bad diaper ash which is not going away along with his hernia/hydrocele so she will come back next week to just check on him again. But he is gaining weight good which is the primary concern. Ryder had some bad diaper rashes in the NICU as well so we think he just has extra sensitive skin.
They both go back to the pediatrician October 9 for their first round of vaccines...hope they take it well and it isn't too hard to watch.