Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of 1st Grade

Today Zak & Ryder had their first day of 1st grade.  They are growing up so fast.  Ryder was very nervous about going to school, but he had a great day.  Both boys told me about their friends and seemed pretty excited about their classes and teachers.  Ryder is worried again tonight that he won't remember what bus to get on, but I keep telling him nobody will let him get on the wrong bus.  It is hard to see him suffering so much from this anxiety.  This afternoon Ryder had a pretty big meltdown because he was tired and just so stressed from holding it together during school.  Zak had soccer this evening so he got to bed a little late.  I am sure things will go smoothly once we get back into a normal routine.  Here are pictures from before school...

Tyler wanted to be in the picture too



Tyler had no clue what to do with himself after his big brothers went to school.  He was a very happy camper once EJ and Mya got to the house though.  I am so glad Tyler has Mya to play with during the day and almost experience having a twin himself since they are so close in age.  Today we found out that EJ got into pre-k at the boys' school.  This will be an awesome experience for him!  This means our routine will include putting the older 2 on the bus in the morning, feeding the 3 younger kids lunch, putting the babies down for a nap, putting EJ on the bus around 12:30pm, and then I will have a little time to get my college work done.  Around 4pm my older boys and EJ will get off the bus and the babies should be up as well.  I wanted to include a picture of the baby boy also....

Here is my super baby!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tiny Superheroes

I found out about this organization called TinySuperheroes from some other moms of children with CVID.  They hand make capes for children who are dealing with illnesses.  This allows the children to feel like a true superhero for going through everything they have to deal with.  When Ryder got his in the mail he was so excited!  He wants to wear it all of the time and loved wearing it during his recent infusion.  They are able to do this for all of the children through generous donations.  Please check out their website and donate if you are able to.  Please help me spread the word about this amazing group by liking their Facebook page and asking others to donate if possible.

TinySuperheroes Website

TinySuperheroes Facebook Page

Here are some pictures of Ryder and his cape...

Friday, August 16, 2013

15 Month Appointment

I can't believe my baby boy is already 15 months old!  He is growing up so much faster than the twins did.  His growth has slowed down, but we think that is due to his current battle with C Diff.  At his appointment he was 31.5 inches long, 24 pounds, and his head circumference was 48cm.  They are very happy with his development and see no concerns at all.  The majority of the time we spent talking about the C Diff and what the new plan of action would be.  She explained that many pediatricians don't have a lot of experience with C Diff, but luckily for us she does.  The old pediatrician only put him on 7 day courses of the medication.  We would see improvement at about day 5, but then he would regress once the medication was done.  The new doctor told me it is best to do 14 days of the Flagyl and then re-test his stool.  We are on day 6 and see a huge improvement.  He is back to eating and no longer has the very nasty watery diarrhea.  He is not fully back to himself, but we are hopeful after 14 days he will be.  While there she did take a urine sample because she wanted to rule out a UTI which can also cause diarrhea.  The preliminary test in the office was ok, but they sent it out to the lab for more in-depth testing.  I received a call yesterday saying the report showed some abnormalities.  The bad part is that the medication he would need for that could cause the C Diff to come back.  Since he is doing so well we are going to wait and re-test the stool and urine at the end of the 14 days.  If he gets worse or starts to have a fever we will have to re-think the current plan, but for now he seems good.