Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Way Back When-esday/New Year's Eve

I wanted to start something else I saw on another blog, its called Way Back When-esday...a look at a picture from a while ago. I can't believe how little these guys used to be!

September (or October?) 2007
Ryder December 2008
Well, the weather literally blew our plans away! It has been so cold and windy today which made us decide not to go into Annapolis. The outdoor performances had been moved to an indoor location which you had to pay to get into so we would have only gotten to see the fireworks at 7:30pm (we were not even 100% sure there would be fireworks because of the high winds). But the boys hate to be bundled up along with the fact that they don't like the wind so they would have just been miserable.

So this New Year's Eve we will spend at home with no plans. The boys will go to bed at their normal time and more than likely I will be in bed before midnight. I feel so old all of a sudden!

Tracy went to hang out with Dave at the Yellowfin bar since he is working so I could go there for a bit, but I just don't know if I feel like it...

Now for today's picture...naked boys!

When I give the boys a bathe alone it is difficult getting them out of the tub and into their room so I have started to just take them out of the tub, put their hooded towel on them and let them walk/crawl to their room.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008: Year in Review (brief)

I saw this on a blog that I read pretty regularly and thought it was a really cute idea. If you click on each month it will take you to the posts that I made during that month. The hard part was picking what to include...


Monday, December 29, 2008

Recent Purchase

Yesterday we went to Babies R Us and bought something for the boys using a gift card we got for Christmas from Ben's mother. This is something we have debated on and finally decided we could get some real use out of it now that Zak is walking and of course once Ryder starts walking. Don't judge us until you have twin toddlers running in different directions....

We liked these particular harnesses because they are backpacks that the boys can put things in. Once we don't need the tether on them they do come off and can be used just as a backpack.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Teeth

Today Tracy and I finally had a chance to hold Zak down to look for any new teeth and we sure found a lot! He now has 2 top teeth coming in along with his 2 top molars. So he is getting 4 new teeth right now which could be a reason for him being a little cranky. We didn't even think to look at his bottom gums to see if anything new was coming in so we will attempt that later. We have not gotten a great look in Ryder's mouth, but from what we can see he has nothing new coming in yet.

Tooth Count: Ryder 2, Zak 8

Today the boys spent a few hours with Colleen and the kids while Ben and I went to lunch at The Melting Pot. Lunch was so good, I always love eating there. When we got back to Colleen's house they were all playing in the front yard and covered in a good amount of mud, but they had fun. Chelley and Madelyn were at the house as well so we took a walk downtown with them before heading home. They were so worn out from playing that they fell asleep on the walk for a bit. On the way home we stopped at Babies R Us to buy some TV guards to try and deter the boys from playing with the buttons.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dinner Time Fun

Tonight for dinner the boys had green beans and beef ravioli. Ben started to give them bread and I told him to put butter on it since we are trying to get Ryder to gain weight. The pediatrician had suggested adding butter and oil to his foods when ever possible so I figured this was a perfect chance to see how he responded to the butter. They both loved the bread & butter! Ryder ended up getting butter all over his face so of course I had to get a quick picture.

Zak decided he wanted his picture taken as well so he started to pull the ravioli apart and only eat the meat. Then he started to lick the pasta to make sure he didn't leave any meat behind.

Taking Over the Living Room

I have had a great holiday week because I have been able to be pretty lazy other then running around a bit to visit family. Lazy days are always the best! The boys have had no problem staying home all day since they have a room full of new toys. They have taken over the living room for the time being, but we will figure out how to get it all into their bedroom. Ben and I picked a few things to get rid of to make room for their new toys so i posted them online for sale through the local MOM club and have already had interest in most of them! At times I think they get a little overwhelmed with everything so they tend to pick a few things to concentrate on, but each day it seems to be different toys.

Today Ben & Dave picked up a dishwasher from our friends (they got a new one, but this one was still only a few years old) and installed it in the kitchen. It is quieter and we are all hoping it will get the dishes cleaner.

I am looking forward to tomorrow because Ben & I are going to lunch at The Melting Pot which was part of my Christmas present from Ben. Tracy will be home with the boys so we get to go out and have a nice lunch all alone.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Recovering From Christmas

We would all like to thank everybody who sent us holiday cards and everyone who gave us gifts! This was a great Christmas and the boys enjoyed all of it.

Today we had a very lazy day and stayed in our jammies. Ben woke up with the boys and let me sleep in which is always nice. Once I got up and the boys were finished with breakfast we all played for a while with their new toys. They really did get a ton of stuff, but they are loving all of it. Today their favorites seem to have been the Megaland Pop-Up Playset and the Tonka racing cars, but tomorrow I am sure they will have different favorites. When the boys woke up from their nap Ben and I went through their bedroom and decided which things we needed to get rid of to make room for their new big boy toys.

After the boys ate dinner they were running around the kitchen playing. All of a sudden Zak ran up behind Ryder and was trying to ride on his back! It was so funny and the best part was that both boys were having fun and thought it was funny. They did this for a long time so Tracy was able to get a picture. I really wanted to get a video, but didn't have the chance to.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008 Marathon- Part 4

This afternoon we went into Annapolis to my grandmother's house to see Mum Mum, Colleen, Josephine, Jamison, Chris, Oompa, and Natalie. While we were there Jim stopped by with Hallie and Nathan so the boys got to play with them for a bit. The boys got to open more gifts there and got a band set, Little People farm, bowling set, and some books. They had a ton of fun playing with the band set which we let them open, but we didn't open the farm until we got home tonight. While there they also had fun playing with Jamison's tool bench and watching everybody play Wii Fit.

Now we are home and the boys are playing with their room full of new toys...just need to figure out where to put them all now!

Ryder opening the bowling set

Zak opening the books

Ryder with a bowling pin
Band set

Jo with her Wii Fit
Zak with Jamison's tool bench
Zak with Nathan (who is 3 weeks younger than the boys)
Ryder and Jamison with the tool bench
Jo and Ryder playing Wii Fit

Christmas 2008 Marathon- Part 3

The boys are now in their bedroom hopefully napping although I have heard some talking so who knows. Laura, Rich & Dani were here for a while this morning to exchange gifts and play with the boys. The boys had fun again opening gifts and playing with their new toys. They got a clippo set (daddy had fun with them also) and a bunch of Tonka cars and trucks which they loved playing with. They also each got a jacket and jeans, but they were not as interested in those of course. Ben got a fleece jacket and we got gift cards also. We also got all of our yearly stocking stuffers. The boys had a ton of fun playing with the three of them and Ryder was very upset when they had to leave.

Playing in the ball pit

Zak opening a gift from Rich & Laura

Waiting for Rich to get the car out of the boxOpening the Tonka trucks and cars
Zak playing with the airplane Daddy made

Ryder sitting with DaniRyder playing on the couch with Dani & Laura
Ryder being silly with Little People from Chelley
Zak trying to drink Daddy's coke