Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Update on the Boys

Zak: He has not been wheezing for a bout a week now. But he is starting to cough and sneeze a little, hopefully it is nothing. He is getting so big now. He is now wearing 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers (size 4 is not too far off).

Ryder: Well, last time I wrote he was getting sick. We went back to the pediatrician on Friday and ended up in the hospital with him overnight. He came home on Saturday afternoon. To make a very long story short, he really didn't need to be in the hospital, but the pulse ox at the pediatrician read it incorrectly since it did not fit him so we ended up in the hospital. But with a perfectly fine pulse ox and all they did were the breathing treatments we can and had been doing at home. So we brought him home and he is now much better. He still has a head cold, but is eating great and happy. He is also growing, but not as big as Zak. He is wearing 3-6 month clothing and size 3 diapers.

Some upcoming dates of importance for us:
April 5: Ben & April's 1 Year Wedding Anniversary
April 8: April's 26th B-Day
April 21: The boys have an eye check-up with the doctor they saw in the NICU
April 28: The boys have their surgeries
June 8-15: We will be driving to Maine and New Hampshire to visit Ben's dad
July 15-22: My mom & Piper will be in town (for Tracy's wedding July 18)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Now Ryder is Sick

Last night Ryder did not sleep very well and this morning he sounded horrible. He was coughing, sneezing and wheezing! So we went to the pediatrician today. They said his lungs sounded bad so we did a breathing treatment in the office using Albuterol. After that he sounded so much better. So we were sent home with Albuterol to do every 4 hours for 5 days and then an oral steroid for the next 3 days. We go back on Saturday for a check-up to see how he is doing. They think he has a viral illness and possibly asthma. We are now trying to figure out if both boys have asthma which flairs up when ever they have an illness. Will update when we know more.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Zak's Swallow Test

Zak has his swallow study today at the hospital. They had him drink Pedialyte, formula, and then formula thickened with different amounts of rice. Then he ate some applesauce from a spoon also. They did not find any reflux or aspiration which is good. So that is one thing crossed off the list of possibilities. We will see the pulmonologist on April 1st and if she does not think it is his lungs we might have to do allergy testing. Although, today his wheezing is not bad at all. He has gotten over his viral illness and is back to himself. We think the wheezing got a lot worse from the virus and now it might not be as bad. We will see. The pediatrician told us we do not need to do the Pulmicort any more and we are waiting to hear if we still need to do the Prevacid since they didn't find any reflux today.

Ryder has not caught the virus that Zak had we think. He is now doing the coughing, gagging and crankiness. It is hard to keep those germs away from each other. We have taken Ryder off of the Zantac and he has been fine. It was a slow process of dropping a dose here and there. Then one day we realized he had not had it at all and was fine. So we will see if he continues to do well with out it.

With all of the medication changes we are now down to just giving the boys their fluoride once daily and nothing else.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Zak's Appointment Yesterday

Well, the pediatrician is still trying to figure out what is causing this chronic wheezing. He said we just have to keep trying different medications to see what shows improvement. So far this is what we know:

1) Zantac did not help (either means it is not reflux or the drug was not strong enough)
2) Xopenex did not help (possibly rules out asthma, but not completely)
3) fluoroscopy showed no abnormality in his trachea during breathing
4) now taking Prevacid to see if a stronger reflux drug will help
5) now using Pulmicort in the nebulizer to see if an inhaled steroid makes a difference which would help asthma
6) now using an oral steroid to see if this will show improvement (would help if it is asthma)
7) we have a swallow study scheduled for March 19 which will help show if there is reflux or if he is getting liquid into his lungs when eating/drinking

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another Update on Zak

Ben took Zak back to the pediatrician Sunday morning. The Xopenex nebulizer treatments were not working. The pediatrician decided to make a few changes to his medications and wants to see him back on Thursday. We have stopped the Zantac and started him on Prevacid which is a stronger acid reflux medication. We are now doing 2 nebulizer treatments daily using Pulmicort which is a steroid for asthma. Today Zak is coughing and gagging a lot worse, but the pediatrician said he is fine as long as he is happy, has no fever, and is not having trouble actually breathing. I will update after the appointment on Thursday.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Update on Zak

We got an appointment for Zak with the pulmonologist for April 1st. His wheezing got worse last night so I called the pediatrician this morning and took him in. The pediatrician said that his wheezing was pretty bad and this time his lungs were being effected. They did a breathing treatment in the office with a new medication and afterwards his lungs sounded better (the wheezing was quieter). So they sent us home with a rental nebulizer and some medication to do treatments every few hours and then we go back tomorrow at 11am to see how his lungs sound. I will update once I know more. I have added some new pictures of the boys in their photo albums.

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Boys Love to Eat

We started experimenting with solid foods while in FL the beginning of February. Zak took to it pretty quickly, but Ryder took a bit longer. They are both now eating like champs. We have to limit how much solid food they eat in order to make sure they still drink enough formula. If they had a say then they would eat lots more solid food and less formula, but we need to keep the formula as the main source of nutrition so they keep growing well. We are still giving them single ingredient baby foods to check for allergies.

Zak has now had bananas, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, peas, carrots, and applesauce. He has pretty much liked everything we have given him. He did not really like the banana yogurt since he likes him food to be warmed up a little and the yogurt was cold.
Ryder has had bananas, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, peas, and carrots. He really disliked the peas, but enjoyed everything else. He must have his food heated up or else he will not eat it so he also hated the yogurt we tried.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Zak Sitting Alone

We have been working on sitting unassisted with the boys. Today Zak really figured it out! He can now sit alone. Although he does fall over a lot still if he gets too excited or moves too much. But he knows how to sit alone and can do it. Ryder is still working on it, he just moves too much to get his balance. I have added a picture in Zak's photo album of him sitting.