Saturday, March 31, 2012

Videos from Cinderella Ball

This is the big entrance the kids made before they performed

Singing one of their songs

Ryder dancing

Zak dancing with one of his "girlfriends"

Zak dancing with another "girlfriend"

Cinderella Ball

Last night the boys had their Cinderella Ball at school. This is a big event for the pre-k kids and family where they dress up, have dinner, the kids perform, and then there is music and dancing for everyone to enjoy. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go because of bedrest so Nanny went with them. It sounds like they all had a really good time and Ben did awesome at taking pictures and videos for me. I have put a bunch of the pictures in this post and will try to get some videos on the blog as well.

Our neighbors
Aamiir, Wanda, & AJ
Zak's "girlfriend" Ava
Ryder dancing with his teacher
Zak & Aamiir dancing

This afternoon while the boys took a nap Ben and I went to the car and messed around with the car seats. We wanted to figure out what would work best once Tyler arrives. We decided this is how the seats will go. For now, we took Tyler's car seat out, but left the boys' seats in their new places. Before we had each of the boys next to a door.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Big Baby Boy

Today I had my growth ultrasound. I love getting to see baby boy every 4 weeks on the screen. I went into today's scan knowing he is a big boy, but had no clue just how big. They measure the head circumference, femur length, and the abdomen circumference in order to get the estimated weight of the baby. I have gotten pretty good at following the measurements and figuring out just how big he is. Today I am 34 weeks along. His head size and leg length were measuring around 35.5 weeks, but his abdomen was measuring at 38 weeks, yikes! So once all that was put into the computer it said he is weighing 6lb 9oz already! That is in the 97% for 34-weekers. He is definitely a big boy. He has been growing good the whole time...

26 weeks: 2lb 1oz
30 weeks: 4lb 2oz
34 weeks: 6lb 9oz

Today the high risk OB said since he is such a nice size (her word was actually huge) that if my contractions became bad again they would probably go ahead and deliver him. Apparently, after 34 weeks the size of the baby plays a huge factor in how well they do once delivered so he has a great chance of doing very well if he were born anytime now. Of course, I am still on bedrest and taking my medication because they would like him to go as long as possible.

At my NST yesterday it showed I was still having contractions, but they were weak and not frequent or consistent. I have my next NST on Thursday so we will see what is going on then. I do feel contractions still, but not the really bad pain and pressure with them. I go back to the OB next Friday so I can update once I see what they say about his size and the contractions.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


On Monday I went to the hospital for my Non-Stress Test which I have scheduled for every Monday & Thursday. This test checks for contractions, watches the baby's heart rate, and checks for good movement of the baby. They also check my fluid level every Thursday. After being hooked up on the monitors for about 15 minutes they discovered I was having contractions every 3 minutes! So I was moved to triage for more testing.

In triage the contractions started to get even closer together and much stronger, I was definitely feeling the pain and pressure from them at that point. They tested my urine and blood pressure for any signs of preeclampsia, but they were both fine. They then did a FFN test and a few other as well. I was not dilated at all which was a good sign. Then I was hooked up to an IV to see if I was dehydrated, but that didn't stop the contractions. So at 5pm I was given a medication called Procardia to try and stop the contractions. By 7pm they decided I needed to be admitted because the contractions were still every 2 minutes. I continued to get the Procardia every 6 hours and finally in the early morning hours of Tuesday the contractions slowed down to about 1 every 10 minutes and I wasn't really even feeling them. Around 9am I was told they were going to discharge me since the FFN test was negative, I was not dilating, and my contractions were slowing down. So I am now at home on bedrest and taking the Procradia every 6 hours.

I went to see my OB yesterday afternoon and they were pretty reassuring that they felt with the negative FFN I would be ok for the next 2 weeks. This test checks for a certain protein which shows up just before delivery. So a negative FFN test is about 99% accurate in predicting you will not deliver within the next 2 weeks of when the test was done. They told me to remain on bedrest and using the Procradia as precautions. The OB also told me that since Tyler is such a big boy he would more than likely do well if he were born anytime after 34 weeks (which is next week). She made it sound like if I do go into labor they would probably go ahead and deliver him anytime after 34 weeks. I am nervous about going on Thursday for my next NST because if I am having tons of contractions again I will more than likely be re-admitted to the hospital.

Of course, throughout this whole thing we had to worry about the boys. Ben had taken half a day off from work on Monday because we were getting our new roof. So luckily, he was home to get the boys off the bus. But I had our only car at the hospital with me so we wanted to figure out a way for Ben to come get it. After lots of discussing Ben dropped the boys off to a neighbor (he grandson is in Zak's class) and then drove his work truck to his work which is right next to the hospital. Then somebody from work dropped him of at the hospital. He then came and sat with me in triage for a while. The plan was for him to go pick up the boys and go home for bedtime, but at 7pm when they said I was being admitted I went into am emotional meltdown. So Ben went home and took stuff to the boys to spend the night at our neighbor's house then he came and spent the night with me. The boys behaved very well and they did fine, but I was worried about them all night.

Bedrest is very difficult since I have the boys at home. Last pregnancy I could just lay in bed all day and not do anything, but this time things are very different. Ben and I talked last night and have tried to set up various plans to try and make it easier. This is really putting everything on Ben's plate now so I feel bad, but it is only temporary. I am making lists of things he needs to buy or do. The boys are also having to deal with this change. They are having to do more on their own and to help me, but they are also getting to watch more TV and play Leap Pads more often.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Earlier this month the boys' school had a fundraiser at Chuck E Cheese. Of course, we gave in and went for a little while. The boys had a blast playing games and seeing their friends while I sat around eating pizza and talking to other parents.

We have finished working on Tyler's room now. We added some baseball wall decals to try and break up the color a bit. Here are some pictures of everything...

I can't believe Tyler will be born in 4-6 weeks probably! The boys keep asking if it is time for him to come out. They think it is pretty neat to watch my belly move around as Tyler moves. Zak thinks that means he is too big and needs to come out.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Update On the Boys

I haven't done an update on the boys for a while so here goes...

Zak: He is a social butterfly at school and at home. When ever we are outside playing he will talk to anybody that walks by and asks them to play with him. He really likes school and seems to be doing well academically. He is very excited about having a baby brother coming soon and is always talking about baby Tyler. I am not convinced he really knows or understands what a baby is since he calls most toddlers we know babies. We recently measured both boys and Zak is now 41 inches tall and weighs about 35 pounds. He still looks so small compared to everyone else in his class, but he is also the youngest in the class. I took the boys shopping yesterday to start getting their warm weather clothes and was shocked to see what size shirt they needed! Right now they have been wearing 3T and 4T tops, but after trying on various sizes we ended up getting the 5/6 in the boys section. They are growing up so fast! He is still wearing 3T shorts unless they have the adjustable waistband then he can wear a 4T in those. Zak is definitely an athletic kid who loves to play all kinds of sports. We signed him up for t-ball which starts very soon. He is extremely excited about it. This Fall he is going to play soccer even though he would really like to play football. His favorite things to do are play on his Leap Pad, play video games (mainly sports themed ones), and run around with the dogs.

Ryder: Ryder is doing good in school. He enjoys going and has started to become more social with the other kids. We had his IEP meeting a few weeks ago to discuss his progress and next year. He will be getting speech therapy over the summer which is good. We have no idea how he will do next year with full-day school and a larger class with a faster paced academic schedule. But everyone is on the same page and will be watching out for any issues that might come up. He is not excited about having a baby brother on the way and makes it very clear to just about everyone. We are trying to keep him involved with preparing for the baby, but we are already seeing regression in some areas. Potty training has become an issue once again along with more tantrums and he is wanting me to do things for him that he used to do on his own (putting shoes on, helping with jacket, etc). Ryder is now 42 inches tall and weighs about 35.5 pounds now. We have stopped all of the ADHD medications because of bad side effects and now he has lost a little bit of the weight that he had gained while on them. We are still going to behavior therapy twice a month to work on various things instead of trying more medications. He recently went to an ENT who wants to do surgery. She will definitely take out his adenoids and do a scope of his sinuses, but he has to do a sleep study before they decide if his tonsils will come out too. The sleep study will be in a few weeks and his surgery will probably be sometime this summer. Ryder is also going to play t-ball this summer and do soccer in the fall. He is not as athletic and does get very frustrated when trying to keep up with other kids, but we think it will be good for him to play some team sports. He also loves to play his Leap Pad and sports themed video games.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Working on the Nursery

I figured I would start with some belly pictures. I have done a good job of avoiding the camera, but the boys always want to take pictures and my belly ends up being in some of them. These pictures were taken when I was 29 weeks (2 weeks ago). I am all baby out front now.

Zak was talking to Tyler

Ben has been busy working on the nursery. He had to Spackle a bunch of areas where the boys had made holes and dents. Then he let the boys help him with the painting. The boys had lots of fun, but of course Ben had to go back over their wall to fix it.
Ben ended up painting the ceiling, walls, trim, and doors. It looks so good now. The color is hard to really get a good picture of because it looks different from every angle and in different light.
We now have the changing table/dresser and crib in the room. We also got a small rug to cover some of the floor.
Now for an update on how things are going with the pregnancy. I had a growth scan done at 30 weeks and Tyler is measuring very big! He was measuring at 4lb 4oz which is in the 83% for size. They expect babies to be around 3lb at that point. More than likely his bigger size is due to my Diabetes. My blood sugars had been under really good control, but the last 2 weeks or so things have been crazy. The high risk OB and regular OB both told me it isn't anything that I am doing wrong, but between 28-35 weeks they tend to have control issues with most Diabetics. I talk with the high risk OB twice a week about my numbers and we make changes to my pump settings frequently. I have almost tripled the amount of insulin I am using now and we might have to add an injection of a different kind of insulin at night if things continue this way.

I have my next growth scan at 34 weeks and if he is still measuring big they will do another scan at 36 weeks. If he is huge at that point they will talk about delivering him around 37 weeks (week of April 18). Next week I start having non-stress tests done twice a week because of being Diabetic. That test takes about 30-45 minutes and just looks for contractions, watches the heart rate of the baby, and checks the fluid level. My last 17P shot will be March 30 so after that there is a higher chance for me to go into labor at any point. I will have a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks if I make it that far which would be May 2.