Wednesday, August 17, 2011

4 Years Old

Things have been crazy around here so I have not been able to get a minute to make any posts. I am going to try and make a few to catch up with what we have been doing.

The boys turned 4 on August 5 and I just can't believe it! They have grown up so fast. It seems like every time we look at them they just look so grown up all of a sudden. Today they had their 4 year pediatrician appointment. We talked about development, vaccines (Zak got 3), and current concerns.

Zak weighed 32 pounds (15%) and is 39 inches tall (20%). He did good with all of the development questions which I knew he would. We are increasing his Flovent inhaler to 2 puffs twice a day in hopes of preventing a lot of lung issues once school starts. He did great for his vaccines today, but tonight his arms are sore.

Ryder weighed 31 pounds (9%) and is 40 inches tall (41%). He did pretty good with the development stuff, but not as well as Zak which I figured would happen. We discussed some recent concerns about regression and behavior issues. Our pediatrician is also a developmental pediatrician so he knows most of Ryder's specialists and is very helpful since he understands everything that is going on (more so than the average pediatrician would). Ryder didn't get any vaccines since he is not supposed to because of his CVID. I will make another post discussing everything that is going on with Ryder recently.

Both boys will have to go back for a flu shot. We normally don't do them, but the Immunologist has asked us to get them for both boys so we will. The pediatrician only had the FluMist which neither of the boys can get so we need to wait for the shot to come in.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Family Reunion

Our road trip to KY for the family reunion went well overall. We left at 3:15am on Friday August 5 and got to KY around 1:15pm. I met with Colleen about an hour from the house so we could follow each other and stop together which was nice. On Friday we didn't do too much other than unpack, open gifts for the boys, and have dinner.

Colleen and her kids camped in a tent
My mom, Piper, myself and the boys stayed in a cabin
along with Shirley and Christine
Piper & the boys decided to have a sleepover in my bedroom

On Saturday we took all of the kids to the pool for a while. In the early afternoon Christine and Jamison went to the museum while everyone else napped. Then we took the kids all the play mini-golf which they all enjoyed. We did have an accident at the end where Piper hit Jamison with a golf club by accident (she swung way too hard and Jamison was way too close).

Ryder laying in the tent

Saturday evening we cooked dinner on the campfire. The kids had a blast just playing all evening. Some of the other family members had arrived so we had a big campfire and hung out for a while.

We also had a pinata for the boys' birthday which all of the kids enjoyed!

We were up late Saturday night because we didn't even go back to the cabin until after 10pm, but it was lots of fun. I enjoyed meeting people in person that I have been talking to online, people I never knew existed, and people I have not seen for a very long time! Sunday was the actual reunion so a few errands had to be run that morning. I stayed at the cabin with some of the kids while Colleen took Zak & Jamison.

Boys' birthday cake

We took lots of pictures at the reunion. I did miss the first generation picture because I didn't realize they had started. There were 5 generations at the reunion which was really neat.

Generation 2
Generation 3 (my mom)
Generation 4 (me)
Generation 5 (the boys)

After the reunion the kids went for a short hike looking for fire wood. Then we did another dinner on the campfire. Most people had left after the reunion and the campground was pretty deserted.
We left KY around 9am on Monday August 8 and got home just after 8pm. It was a very long drive home with more stops than on the way there because Colleen & I were having trouble staying awake. I definitely learned if I am making a long drive that I need to leave in the middle of the night!