Monday, October 24, 2011


We are very excited to introduce the newest member of our family to everyone! We are expecting a baby May 8, 2012! I had my 12 week scan today and everything looks great. The heart rate was 155 and baby was very active the whole time.

This pregnancy has been very different from my pregnancy with the boys. I found out pretty early on and have been experiencing some pretty bad morning sickness. My doctor has given me medication to help with the morning sickness, but it is causing really bad headaches. I am having the normal back pain, cramps, and just overall feeling pregnant. I have to say I don't remember feeling most of this with the boys. I have told Ben several times that I am glad we had decided this would be our last baby because if not at this point I would definitely be saying that. I am not sure how people do this more than once if they feel like this every time. I now realize how lucky I was with my pregnancy with the boys. This is the main reason why I have fallen behind on posting to the blog. Things have been busy with the boys in school, Ryder's weekly therapy session, and recently both boys have been battling illnesses. I have been slacking with a lot due to not feeling great, but luckily Ben has been awesome and helped pick up the slack. I am really hoping the morning sickness passes soon so I can stop taking the medication which will hopefully decrease these horrible headaches. I will say that I already have a definite baby bump and have had a few people question my stomach. I had a very close friend (practically family), a family member and the nurse at the pediatrician all ask some sort of question about being pregnant or when I was due! So I am not able to hide it any longer plus with the good ultrasound today we decided it was time to share the good news.

I have been seeing my regular OB every 2 weeks just to keep a close eye on everything due to my Diabetes. They have done lots of the normal pregnancy testing along with checking on my kidneys and a few other things which have all come back very good. I have also met with the high risk OB at Franklin Square Hospital (which is where I will deliver) and have a plan in place to e-mail my blood sugar numbers to them every week. We have been talking about a few things that might be options this time around to help prevent pre-term labor, but most of the doctors really believe I had the boys early because my torso is so short and there were two of them. At the moment the plan is just to keep a close eye on everything with frequent appointments and ultrasounds. So far my blood sugars are under good control and I feel very good about all of the doctors who are involved. I should have the big anatomy scan in December just before we leave for FL so I will definitely update after that.

This afternoon we showed the ultrasound picture to the boys and asked if they knew what it was. Ryder really had no clue, but Zak quickly said "It's a monkey!". Then we asked if they wanted a baby and Ryder said "yes" while Zak said "maybe". We told them the picture was a baby and that the baby was in my belly. They don't seem to really understand, but I am sure as time goes on they will figure it out.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Apple Picking

We had been talking about going to a pumpkin patch with the boys, but once I started looking online we decided going apple picking would be more fun. I found a place in Westminster, MD that looked like fun so off we went.

We walked around the market section first then went to the wagon ride to the apple orchard.

The boys had a blast picking apples and filling their own bags. We ended up with about 25 pounds of apples once we were all done.

After we finished picking apples the boys had fun playing in the bounce house for a bit. Then we left and stopped at IHOP for lunch before heading back home. It was a fun day!