Sunday, May 27, 2012

1 Month!

I can't believe Tyler is already 4 weeks old!  It doesn't feel like it has been that long already.  We are starting to get into more of a normal routine which is nice.  His feeding has gotten so much better.  He just started eating about 3-4oz every 3-4 hours, but he is going about 5 hours or so overnight which is always a good thing.  He had his 1 month check-up at the pediatrician on Friday.  They are very happy with how he is growing and developing.  The pediatrician said he is very strong for 4 weeks old and has good head control for his age.  As for his growth....

Birth:  8lb 4oz, 20 inches
4 Days Old:  7lb 2oz
2 Weeks Old:  8lb 5oz, 21.75 inches
1 Month Old:  10lb (60%), 22 inches (69%), Head Circumference 37cm (26%)

He is still not sleeping in his crib at night.  For some reason I am having a hard time being away from him and that includes wanting to sleep with him.  He has been sleeping in his bouncy seat in the living room or in bed with me.  However, I have started to put him in his crib in the morning.  The boys are usually up around 6-6:30am and at that point I am usually just finishing up feeding Tyler.  At that point I put him in his crib and he usually sleeps about 2 hours or so.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Busy Weekend

We have been busy the last few days because my mom was visiting from FL and we had the party for everyone to meet Tyler over the weekend.  My mom flew in late Wednesday night and then left yesterday to go back to FL.  While she was here she helped get our laundry all caught up and did tons of cleaning in the house for us.  My goal is the keep up with the laundry and cleaning now!  It is hard to find enough time during the day to get everything done.  I have tons of new pictures of all 3 boys, but they didn't upload in the right order so they are kind of random.

VZ likes Tyler's co-sleeper
 My mom with all 4 grand kids

 watching the airplanes

The next few pictures are from last weekend.  The boys' school had a family fun day that we went to for a few hours.  Everyone had a good time and it was such nice weather.

This week Tyler has his 4 week check-up on Friday.  He has been eating so well since starting on the new formula so I am pretty sure his weight gain will be good.

Friday, May 11, 2012

2 Week Check-Up

I can't believe Tyler is 2 weeks old!  Today we had his 2 week check-up with the pediatrician which went well.  I am very happy that he has finally started to gain weight.  He now weighs 8lb 5oz (34%) and was 21.75 inches (83%) long which means he has also grown in length in the last 2 weeks.  The pediatrician was really happy with his growth so we are going to stick with the new formula.  We switched to a formula earlier this week that has some rice starch added in to help reduce spitting up.  He has been eating much better since we switched and spitting up a lot less.  We also talked about Tyler's tongue and palate.  The pediatrician said the general rule is if the baby can stick his tongue out enough to cover the bottom gum then they would not do anything about it.  Tyler is able to stick his tongue out to his lips which means his tongue tie is not severe and doesn't need anything done right now.  As long as his weight gain continues and he is able to feed from a bottle we will just wait and not rush to the ENT.  They will keep a close eye on it because it could thicken and become more constricting as he gets older and that would require something to be done.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Home for 1 Week

I have not updated about how things are going since we got home so I wanted to make a quick post.  As expected, things have been pretty chaotic and busy since we got home a week ago.  The boys both love baby Tyler and like to talk to him and hold him.  However, they are also showing signs of jealousy with bad behavior which I had expected.  Ryder has been having some major meltdowns, but generally calms down after he goes to his room for some alone time.  I am hoping once we get into a routine that things will calm down.  Right now, Tyler is having some issues with eating so we don't really have a routine or schedule yet.  He takes a very long time at each feeding and is difficult to wake up for feedings.  I am hoping once he becomes easier to feed that things will also become easier.  He has started to spit up a lot just like the boys did as babies.  Zak was helping us feed him the other night and got spit up on which he didn't enjoy.  Ben is off Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week then it will be just me at home with all 3 boys.  Tyler has his 2 week check-up at the pediatrician on Friday this week so I will update after that.  I am hoping he is gaining weight even though he doesn't eat great.  Now time for pictures...

Tyler's hospital picture

 Ben & Tyler taking a nap

 1st shopping trip

 Leaving the hospital
 Zak & Tyler
 Ryder & Tyler
 Tyler at the boys' t-ball game
 1st time napping in his crib
 Umbilical cord fell off