Friday, June 29, 2012

2 Months Old

I can't believe Tyler is already 2 months old.  Time sure if flying by so quickly.  He had his 2 month check-up with the pediatrician and is growing very well.  He is now 11 pounds (30%) and 24.25 inches long (90%).  His head circumference is now in the 48% which is good since his head used to be much smaller.  He is now starting to eat 6oz at each feeding although he is spitting up some of it.  He has been doing good at sleeping overnight which is nice.  He will sleep between 6-10 hours overnight usually, but he has had a few bad nights since he got vaccines at the appointment.  Tyler loves to smile and laugh now, it is really cute.  He also has more awake time which is always fun.  Unfortunately, he has started to only fall asleep if you rock him but that started after his vaccines so I am hoping he will outgrow it once he feels better.  Just like Zak & Ryder, Tyler seems to be having a reaction to the vaccines because he is very fussy, had a fever, and just not himself.

Zak was worried about Tyler getting shots at his appointment so he asked me if he could hold his hand to make him not scared.  He held on to his hand during both shots.  When Tyler started crying Zak asked me "Why is the mean nurse hurting my baby?".  It was so cute!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Genetics Appointment

Today Ryder has his yearly appointment with Dr.Hamosh who is his Geneticist.  I love going to see her because she really takes time to talk, ask questions, listen, and really look over Ryder.  She pretty much oversees everything going on with Ryder which is nice.  I like having 1 doctor to talk to who knows just about everything going on.  She looked over Ryder and didn't find anything new or concerning which is always good.  His head circumference is still small, but since it did grow an ok amount over the past year she said we don't need to worry about another MRI right now.  Her final statement this visit was... "Well, I haven't gotten any smarter over the last year so I still can't put a name to exactly what Ryder has going on.  I may never know 100% exactly what is going on, but for now he is doing great."  Like I said, I really like her and how honest she is.

While we were there she also looked over Tyler for me since he had a few things that concerned me.  Although, over the last few weeks we have noticed many of the concerning things were going away.  After she looked him over her response was... "I don't get the chance to say this often in my field, but Tyler looks perfect."  Again, I love how honest she is.  She did say his palate is very high, but there don't seem to be any holes in it (sometimes there can be a pinhole cleft with a high palate).  His tongue does sit back further in his mouth, but now it mainly happens when he sleeps.  She thinks it is just a muscle tone thing that will get better with age which we have seen improvement with already.  And with his tongue tie she agrees it seems to have gotten much better on its own which can happen.  He does still have a tongue tie, but not enough for any ENT to want to clip it right now.  Down the road there is the possibility that he might have some speech issues because his tongue won't be able to touch the roof of his mouth because of the combination of his tongue tie and high palate.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ryder's Surgery

 Ryder had his adenoids and tonsils removed by a pediatric ENT at Hopkins yesterday morning.  We are hoping this will help decrease the number of sinus infections he gets along with help alleviate his sleep apnea. Ryder & I had to be at the hospital by 7:45am and his surgery was scheduled for 9:45am.  He loved wearing the gown and getting to play computer games while in the pre-op area.  I was able to go into the OR with him while he was put under anesthesia which was nice.  The surgery only took about 30-45 minutes and then I was brought back to recovery to see him.  He had a rough time at first with lots of pain, but once he got pain meds he started to feel better.  We stayed overnight just so he could be monitored for bleeding, dehydration (many kids will refuse to drink and require IV fluids) and because of his other medical things such as the sleep apnea and CVID.  The nice thing was that we got to stay in the brand new Children's Hospital that just opened about a month ago.  Ryder loved the playroom and all of the attention.  He did well during the day yesterday, but had trouble sleeping.  We were discharged this morning since he was doing a good job with drinking.  The difficult thing is trying to keep him hydrated since it hurts for him to drink.  He is supposed to only have very soft foods for the first week or so to try and prevent bleeding.  Also, he is supposed to avoid lots of physical activity for 2 weeks which is hard since we can hardly get him to sit still for 5 minutes right now.

In pre-op area 

Just waking up

 Feeling a little better and being silly

Eating his Popsicle in the playroom

Walking to the playroom

Playing a game before discharge this morning

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Yesterday Ben went to work early which means he got off early so we took advantage of that and went to do something fun.  There is a huge celebration at the Inner Harbor in downtown Baltimore called Sailabration.  Also, Rich (Ben's step-father) is now working at the aquarium and was there yesterday so he was able to get us in for free.  We headed to the Inner Harbor around 2pm and didn't get home until about 9pm last night.  We took tons of pictures so here are some of them....

After we got home I got into the shower and this is what I found when I came back downstairs.  All four of the boys ended up sleeping on the couch for the night.  Around 1am when Tyler woke up I took him to bed with me.

Tomorrow we are planning to go to Martin State Airport for the airshow which is also part of the Sailabration.  The whole Sailabration thing is because of the 200th anniversary of War of 1812 so they have lots of events going on.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lots of Pictures

This post is pretty much just going to be tons of pictures from the last few weeks (I will have another post with videos later).  I really dislike how you upload pictures to Blogger so unfortunately they are not in any specific order which is kind of annoying.

Comparison of 4 days to 5 weeks!
Tyler napping next to me today
 Going on a walk
 At the bus stop on their last day of pre-k
 Tyler with Shirley

 Tyler in his bathing suit
 This outfit has been perfect for him recently!

 The boys at the bounce house place we went to today

 Fun in the sprinkler

 Zak on last day of pre-k

 Ryder on last day of pre-k

 Tyler at 6 weeks old

 Feeding the ducks

 This picture needs an explanation.  I went out to dinner with some friends for Tracy's birthday over Memorial Day weekend.  I was gone for a few hours and when I got home this is what the living room looked like!  Apparently the boys got pretty crazy after I left and Ben didn't have them pick up before sending them to bed.
 This is what I found Ben & Tyler doing when I got home to the above mess...sleeping.

The boys had their last day of pre-k on Friday last week.  I can't believe they will be in Kindergarten next year!  Ben was away for work a few days last week and is away in VA this whole week.  It has definitely been busy with the boys being on summer break and Tyler not sleeping through the night yet.  I am looking forward to this weekend so I can try to catch up on some sleep while Ben is home.  Ryder has his surgery on Tuesday morning to get his adenoids and tonsils taken out.  He will have to spend the night in the hospital for observation and IV antibiotics.  The plan as of now is that I will go to the hospital with Ryder while Ben stays home with Zak & Tyler.  Because of Ben taking off time when Tyler was born he only has 1 vacation day left so after this nothing else can happen!  I will have to wait to have my hernias repaired until next year when Ben gets more vacation time and we will not be going to FL this year.

Tyler has been super cranky recently.  I have read that between 6-8 weeks is a very cranky period for babies and he sure if living up to that.  He has his 2 month check-up on June 29 so I will update with new stats after that.