Wednesday, December 26, 2007


The boys had a great 1st Christmas! On Christmas Eve we spent some time with my grandparents and also at Ben's house to visit with family. The boys got lots of fun toys and clothes even though they did not really realize it yet. Christmas morning they woke up at 530am and decided not to go back to sleep which is very unusual for them. Ben works from 630am until about 12:30pm. We all went to my family's house in Annapolis to visit and finally got the boys to take a nap. They got more fun toys to play with also. I will post some pictures in the next few days.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Yesterday the urology office called and we got a date for the boys' surgeries. They will have them on Monday April 28. So a while away, but there is a date now. They need to be 6 months adjusted and 15lbs which is why they went for the end of the month to make sure they have hit the 15lb mark by then.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rolling Over

Today Ryder rolled over from his tummy to his back about 4 times in a row. So I got the video camera, but could only get him to do it one more time. Here is a link to see that video:

You can hear Zak in the background not very happy. He has not shown any interest in rolling over yet.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Today Ryder has his urology appointment. There is no longer a hernia or hydrocele which is good. There are a few issues that will be corrected during his operation, but it will be an in and out surgery which should go fine. They said it would probably take about 1.5 hours or so. The office will call later to schedule the surgery for sometime in April. Zak will also be scheduled for his circumcision the same day.

Monday, December 10, 2007

4-Month Pediatrician Appointment

This morning we had the boys 4 month check-up. They are doing good. Zak weighed 11lb 6.5oz and was 22.75 inches long. Ryder weighed 9lb 14.5oz and was 22.5 inches long. They are both growing well and pretty much developmentally close to a 4 month-old. They have a few things that they are not doing yet, but developmentally they are looked at as being 10 weeks behind so they are ahead of what is expected for them.

Ryder goes to see the urologist next week and then we will schedule his surgery and Zak's circumcision probably for sometime in March. They go back to the pediatrician in February (meanwhile they will go back monthly for their RSV shots).

Here is a cute website that my mom made of the boys and Piper:

In the next few days I will go through the pictures and update them with newer ones.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

1st Snow

The boys had their first snow on the day they turned 4 months old, yesterday! It snowed steadily all day. We got about 2.5 inches or so by the end of the day. I will post a few pictures of them in a little bit.