Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I promised to make a post with pictures so here it is.  They won't really be in any order...Enjoy!

Tyler sitting at 6 months old

6 months old!

Ryder ready for Trunk Or Treat

My personal Superhero Squad

He wants to crawl so badly

Tyler's 1st Baby Mum-Mum

Mandy came to visit one day

Ryder's infusion pump is in the backpack
so he could go outside and play during infusion time

The boys creates a HUGE mess!

Tyler's 1st french fry (Chick-Fil-A of course)

Tyler's 1st time in a cart

I wanted to add a quick note saying we survived Hurricane Sandy.  Our power went on and off a few times, but always came back on pretty quickly.  Schools were closed Monday-Wednesday so far due to the storm.  There are lots of road closures and power outages in our area still though.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Family Update

It has been a while since I last posted.  Things are busy in our house these days.  I wanted to get on and do a quick update.  I promise to make a post with pictures very soon!

April:  I am the Secretary for the PTA at the boys' school this year.  Most of my spare time is spent doing PTA stuff which I am really enjoying.  It is a lot of work since there are not many people willing to volunteer and help out, but I am happy to do it.  I am also working closely with the current Treasurer (who is my neighbor/friend) because I will be taking over as Treasurer next year.

Ben:  Not much new going on with him.  He is working and has been traveling for work recently.

Zak:  We have big news about Zak!  Instead of telling you I will show you....

He is now riding his bike with no training wheels!  We knew he could do it, but it took a while to convince him he would be fine.  Now he acts like he never had training wheels.  He is very proud of himself!  Zak loves school and is doing well.

Ryder:  He is recovering from an illness right now.  Over the weekend he started to have a bad cough so we went to the doctor.  Since he started the antibiotics and oral steroid along with breathing treatments he is sounding and feeling so much better.  Last week he stayed home from school because they gave out FluMist which can make him sick so the county provided a tutor for 6 hours which was nice.  We are working with the school on certain strategies for try and help Ryder's day at school go more smoothly.  When he is focused and relaxed his handwriting is so good, but it is hard to get him to that point when doing homework.

Tyler:  Tyler will be 6 months old on Friday.  I just can't believe it!  He now has 2 teeth and is so close to crawling.  He loves to eat.  I have started giving him puffs and other small pieces of food, but he mainly does purees and formula for now.