Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

On Wednesday afternoon we went over to Rich & Laura's house to exchange gifts and drop the boys off for a sleepover. The boys got lots of fun things from Nanny & Poppy along with a Toy Story wearable blanket from Dani. They had fun playing with Haleigh and got to go out and see lots of decorated houses that night. Ben and I went to dinner at Jerry's Seafood where his other sister Ginnie works. Then we went home and wrapped gifts.

Remote control cars from Nanny & Poppy
Toy Story Legos
On Thursday evening we let the boys open gifts from Saba and Peg which came in the mail from NH. They had fun unwrapping and seeing what they got.

Stuffed animal from Ben's grandmother
On Friday we packed up the car and headed out around noon. We arrived at my grandparents' house around 1pm to exchange gifts with them. The boys were really into unwrapping gifts this year!
We left their house around 3pm and then headed to Tracy & Dave's house to exchange gifts with them. Kyle had to fight with Bandit to get to open his gifts which wasn't too bad this year, but next year when Kyle wants to unwrap it could be a problem.

Around 5pm Tracy, Kyle & I went to church for mass. At the same time Ben took the boys to drop off gifts to Chelley and then made a stop at Colleen's as well. The boys were excited that Jamison & Joey were home and they could open more gifts. After they left Colleen's they went to eat dinner at McDonalds and play for a bit before picking me up from Tracy's house.

We got home sometime around 8:30pm and the boys went straight to bed. Ben and I then brought all of the presents out to put under the tree and stuff the stockings.

On Christmas morning the boys slept until about 7:15am which is later than normal so that was nice. The boys were very excited to come downstairs and see what Santa brought for them! We did have them eat a few doughnuts and drink milk before unwrapping.

Ryder got Stinky from Santa
Zak got roller skates from Santa
Ryder with his Tag
Ryder with his Alphie from Grammy & Pops
(my mom & Chuck)
Zak got a cash register from my mom and & Chuck. However, it became a huge issue when we opened it because there were so many pieces missing along with it being obvious it had been played with (glue and glitter all over it). So we had to put it away which caused Zak to get very upset!

Candy jar that Zak made for Ben
Zak playing a game on his V Motion
This morning we were up and in the car by 7:45am to return Zak's cash register and try to find him a new one. We returned it to TRU and then found a new one at Target. Then we made a stop at BJs for some dog food along with other groceries for us.

Zak's new cash register
Now we are sitting at home waiting for the snow to arrive....

Monday, December 20, 2010

The other day Ryder was misbehaving and got hurt because of it. He had climbed on top of the train table which they are told not to do many times a day! He slipped off and hit his chin on the edge which caused his bottom teeth to bite into his top lip. He had a small puncture wound on one side and a lager gash on the other which both bled for a good amount of time. Once the bleeding stopped and he was cleaned up it didn't seem to bother him at all...

Yesterday Zak & I met Tracy & Kyle at Arundel Mills mall. Ryder stayed at home with Ben since he has pneumonia even though you would never know he was sick. We stood in line to see Santa since Kyle had not done this yet and he did great for his picture. Then we had lunch and walked around for a while before heading home. While there Zak picked out our family ornament for 2010.

I also wanted to post pictures of the ornaments the boys got from my om this year...

Today the boys and I did a art project to make penguin door hangers which they enjoyed!

We also made a trip to Target for a few things as well as the grocery store. While at Target I finally bought this calendar for the boys that I have been looking at for months because it was on sale. They loved helping me put all of the magnets on and there are a ton of extra ones for just about every holiday or special occasion.

I feel so behind on things I need to do before Christmas Eve. I have wrapped a few gifts, but have a ton left to do. It is just so cold in the basement at night that I have zero motivation to go down there and wrap anything once the boys go to bed which is the only time I am able to do it! I also need to find time to make 2 no-sew fleece blankets for the boys. It is 2 pieces of fleece that you cut fringe around the edges and then knot them together to make the blanket. It says it generally takes about 1 hour per blanket. I am hoping Ben will help out on those in the evenings!