Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dog Park

Today it was finally the FL weather we have been hoping for! It was sunny and in the 70's! We went to the dog park to meet up with everybody (Vicky, Fred, Jesse, Kimberly, Christian, Mike, Kaleb) and then went across to the big open grassy area for lunch and to play. The boys loved running around with the dogs and enjoyed the many doggy kisses they received. Once we ate the boys has fun running around and playing with bubbles.

Once we got home the boys took a nap and Ben finished getting packed. Chuck took Ben to the airport since he has to fly back to MD and get ready for his trip to Kansas City this week for work. The boys and I will miss Ben this week, but I am also happy that we will be here with my mom and have lots of things to do to occupy us.
Ryder, Zak, Piper
Ben and the boys eating
Ryder with the dogs
Kaleb with the dogs
Kaleb and Zak
The boys with my mom (aka Grandma)

I also wanted to post a few cute pictures from lunch yesterday. We finally made it to one of my favorite places to eat while in FL...Steak N Shake.