Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Real Haircuts

Today Piper, my mom, and myself went to get our hair cut and while there we decided it was time for the boys to have their first real haircut. I have always used our clippers at home to cut their hair. Piper went first and did very well. Then Zak had his turn and he was also very good. Mindy (person cutting our hair) said he was very calm and well behaved compared to many kids she has seen. He got the works including some hair gel to spike his hair. He looks so much older now! Then i was Ryder's turn and he also did very well. The only issue we had with him is that he wanted to flirt and watch every move Mindy made which made it difficult at times. He also got some hair gel to spike his hair and he looks very cute as well. Here are pictures from their first real haircut...

I also have some cute pictures from the 3 kids playing in the backyard yesterday that I never had a chance to download so here are a few of those also.

And I had to add these 2 pictures because I thought they were just too funny not to include. My mom was getting rid of Piper's first pair of ballet slippers and Zak seemed interested in them so I put them on him. He danced around and had fun in them. Ben would have never let us do this while he was here.