Thursday, January 8, 2009

Project 365: Week 1

A few of my fellow twin moms that I chat with online have started this so I decided to take part as well. The goal of this is to take a picture every single day in the year 2009! I figure that I already take a million pictures so I will just try to remember to take at least 1 everyday. I will post them on Thursday every week for the previous week. Of course I didn't decide to start this on January 1 so I am missing a few pictures for the first week. :-( This is actually harder than I had thought it would be because even though I take a ton of pictures there is not something obvious to take a picture of everyday.

Day 1 of 365 (Jan 1)
Day 2 of 365 (Jan 2): Spider Attack

Day 3 of 365 (Jan 3)
Day 4 of 365 (Jan 4): Bath time Fun
Day 5 of 365 (Jan 5): I can unzip the toy box

Day 6 of 365 (Jan 6): Lunch Time

Day 7 of 365 (Jan 7): Going to first playgroup

Today the boys and I went to the grocery store to buy food for our planned out dinners from now until we go away next weekend. Ben and I are hoping to start actually making a meal plan for each week in order to save money on food.