Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Playing Outside

Yesterday the weather was beautiful so we decided to play outside most of the day. The boys loved being able to play in the backyard and it was great for me since the yard has a fence around it so they couldn't get out. Piper let the boys play with all of her outdoor toys which was nice. They really enjoyed the "roller coaster", play house, and the swing. Ryder took a pretty bad face plant into the dirt off of the swing and didn't really like getting all dirty. Zak, on the other hand, had lots of fun throwing the dirt and sand around which led to getting himself covered! Then the 3 kids sat down on the porch to have a snack together (the boys would repeatedly put animal crackers in Piper's mouth until she was overloaded with them all over the place).

Aunt Vicky came over in the afternoon to see the boys and have dinner with us. We went into the front yard while she was here which was not as relaxing for us because there is no fence so we ad to chase the boys all over. Piper decided to take the boys for a ride in her wagon up and down the sidewalk (Vicky has a video so I will try to get it posted on here later).

After dinner the 3 kids got into the bathtub together which was very cute. The boys had their first bubble bath and Piper enjoyed showing them how to rub the bubbles all over themselves.

Today we have not done much because it rained all night so it is too wet to play outside. We all did go to watch Piper at her dance class this morning.