Saturday, January 31, 2009

Is Anybody Healthy?

I think the whole state of FL is sick! So far we have...

April: sinus infection, strep throat, acute bronchitis (on antibiotics)
Ben: who knows because he won't go to the doctor
Zak: double ear infections, chest congestion (on antibiotics, oral steroids, breathing treatments)
Ryder: possible RSV, bronchitis (on antibiotics, oral steroids, breathing treatments)

Grandma Mary: on antibiotics
Chuck: on antibiotics
Lynn: bronchitis (on antibiotics)
Piper: bronchitis (on antibiotics)

Kathy: flu, bronchitis

So our goal for today is to get on the airplane, make it through the 2 hour flight and get home. We were told that flying with ear infections and sinus infections can be painful, but that you can fly. So we head to the airport around 11:30am for a 1:30pm flight.

Tomorrow we plan to do nothing in the hopes of all feeling better. And Monday we go back to our regular routine...Ben goes to work, Madelyn comes to the house and we just move on.