Monday, January 5, 2009

More Walking Videos

Here is another try at videos of Ryder walking...

This afternoon after the boys' nap (yes, they actually slept for 1.5 hours) I went to their room and found that all of the Little People stuff had been taken out of the zippered toy box and were now all over the room. Looks like Zak has figured out how to use zippers because he has also unzipped the pop-up ball pit.

This evening while we were waiting for Ben to get home Tracy & I let the boys color with their new crayons. They actually did pretty well and only tried to eat them a few times.

Tomorrow Madelyn will be coming over sometime in the late morning since John has to be at work at noon. Hopefully the boys will nap for a bit so that I will have some time alone with Madelyn to get things all in place and start to get into a routine. The next two weeks the schedule will be a little random, but once we are back from FL John will have started his new set schedule (Saturday-Wednesday 9-5) so we will know ahead of time when Madelyn will be coming over.

Wednesday we have some possible plans to go to the Kids Club at the Annapolis Mall in the morning, but I have not decided for sure yet. The boys' get their second dose of the flu shot at 1:50pm and then we have a playgroup with the local MOM toddler group at a gym from 3:30-5:30pm. Madelyn might make a guest appearance at the house for a bit if John needs a break or has somethings to do.


teamkyte said...

What a big boy! So great!!!