Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our Trip to Disney

Today we left the house around 8:45am to head to Disney for the day. Everybody was in a good mood and the weather was perfect for a day at Disney. Ben, Chuck and Piper got on the race cars when we first got to the park since the line was really short. While my mom, Chuck and Piper went to visit the fairies Ben and I took the boys to run around in a little kid play area which they loved. At that point Ryder fell asleep in the stroller so Zak and I went on the Magic Carpet ride and then Zak and Ben had their picture taken with Rafiki. After that we ate lunch and then went on the Winnie the Pooh ride which the boys found very fun and enjoyed looking at everything. The afternoon parade was our next stop for the day and once again the boys enjoyed watching everyone walking by them. Then we went on the People Mover ride, had pictures taken with Buzz Lightyear, and then went on the Carousel of Progress. Then it was dinner time, a stop at It's A Small World, and then the night parade. Zak decided to get in a quick nap between It's A Small World and the parade. After the parade we were going to try and stay for the fireworks, but Piper fell asleep so we headed home. It was a fun day with lots of walking, but overall the boys had did great. A few times throughout the day we did stop and let the boys out of the stroller to run around which helped keep them happy.

Now for some pictures...

For those of you wondering, I am not in any
pictures with characters because I am scared
to death of them

I am off to bed now.


Princessvicky said...

I love Piper's expression on the ride. It looks like everyone had a fun day