Tuesday, February 17, 2009

House Hunting Update

We did put an offer in on a townhouse which is located in Edgewood, MD which is in Harford county. This morning we got the news that our offer was accepted! Of course, this does not really mean we will be getting the house because we still have to get the home inspections done. If we find anything that is really wrong then we will back out of the contract since we won't have the finances to fix anything major. Hopefully the inspections will happen this weekend so we will know more after that.

I did want to put a message out to everybody who is reading. Even if we don't get this house we will be looking into other places and be moving in the near future. If anybody out there is looking at buying new living room furniture let us know if you have nothing to do with your old stuff. We realized that we only have bedroom stuff, kitchen table and only 2 chairs, bookcase, and a rocking chair. Which means we are lacking a couch or other seating. So, keep your ears open for anybody who might have an extra cough or other seating and let us know.

I also wanted to let everybody know when the day does come that we move we will be going without cable and Internet for a few months. We want to make sure we get the major bills under control before adding in the "extras". We need to get into our own place, but it will make money really tight so we are trying to be smart about how we spend it. So I won't be able to update the blog much. We will try to make some trips to see friends and family who have wireless Internet so that I can make updates and so on, but more than likely it won't be very often. This is probably going to be the hardest part for me, living without the Internet.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! I hope all works out for you all. I know what its like...I've purchased 2 homes within 3 years! Hang in there!

Love your blog!