Friday, February 20, 2009

Relaxing Afternoon

Today the boys decided they didn't need a nap which has become a pretty normal occurrence in this household. So after I got some stuff printed out for the lender tomorrow night and closed bedroom and bathroom doors I let them have run of the house. They were pretty excited about this and had fun running around with the dogs and climbing up and down the stairs.

I turned on Sesame Street and to my surprise they both stopped dead in their tracks and just stared at the tv watching it. I then gave them their snack cups and water cup. Zak climbed onto the couch and sat with his snack and is still watching the tv. Ryder has been watching it on and off, but is more interested in chasing Batman around and sharing his snack with him.
Tomorrow is the big day for us. We are having the home inspections (including mold, lead, termite) at 10am. If they find nothing major then we will be going through with buying the townhouse. Also, if it all goes well we will be meeting with our new mortgage lender and doing the paperwork for the loan. Rich & Laura are going to watch the boys while we are at the home inspection which will be a few hours. I think they plan to take them to the mall to play and get lunch then hopefully the boys will nap. If we do meet with the lender then we are taking the boys to Annapolis so Colleen can watch them for us. We would be going around dinnertime so hopefully the boys will nap since it might be a late night for them.