Friday, January 2, 2009

Killer Spider

This evening we went to my grandmother's house for dinner and to let the kids play with Jamison and Josephine. Mark & Christine were in town from NY which is why we all got together for dinner. When we got there Jamison brought out his new toy...a remote control tarantula. We were all sitting around watching as Jamison put it on the floor and made it walk towards Ryder, the poor kid jumped out of his skin while shrieking! It was so funny. Then Jamison made it walk towards Zak and he just lost it, crying and shaking. After a while Ryder got used to it and enjoyed making the spider crawl around using the remote control. Zak on the other hand continued to cry and freak out when ever it would walk towards him, but he was fine and would even touch if you we picked it up off the ground.

We are starting to figure out what things we need to pack for our trip to FL as well as figuring out what stuff my mom should have there for us already. We fly out on Saturday January 17 and we will be back Saturday January 31 (Ben will be flying back January 24 for a business trip).
I am in the process of scheduling a trip this summer to NC to meet with some friends that I have made online. These girls are the same ones we did the secret Santa exchange with and I have been dying to have the chance to meet some of them in person. I am hoping to be able to make a trip to NC where a group of us plan to meet up at the beach for a long weekend. Tracy will more than likely come with me to help make this trip possible with the boys and without Ben going. As of right now we are looking at the first weekend in August as a possibility, I am really excited and hope this actually happens!