Thursday, January 15, 2009

Project 365: Week 2/Ryder's PT

Of course I am missing some this week as well. This is harder than I had ever thought it would be, but here we go...

Day 8 of 365 (Jan 8): Dinner Time
Day 9 of 365 (Jan 9): Morning Playtime

Day 10 of 365 (Jan 10): Fun On the Slide

Day 11of 365 (Jan 11)

Day 12 of 365 (Jan 12): Playing with Madelyn
Day 13 of 365 (Jan 13)

Day 14 of 365 (Jan 14): McDonald's with Daddy

Today I am busy doing multiple loads of laundry so that we can pack for our trip. The boys and I also need to go to the bank and pharmacy today. They have pretty much given up naps which makes for a long day so getting out of the house helps.

Ryder had his PT this morning and we have great news! His PT said that he is doing great and is within the correct range for his age (although the later end) so she will check back with him in a few months, but otherwise he no longer needs PT. Of course, if he falls behind at any time she will start to come back for PT.