Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Way Back When-esday

This post includes a comparison between my boys and Madelyn. Yesterday I sat Madelyn in the bumbo chair just to see how well she would do in it (Chelley had asked me the other day if I thought she could use it yet). I was surprised how well she did in it! So of course I looked back and found pictures of the boys sitting in it around Madelyn's age...

Madelyn has such good control of her head already so she is able to sit in the bumbo chair very well. The only reason my boys could sit in the bumbo at this age was because they were still so small they their heads were below the back of the chair so they didn't have to actually hold their head up on their own.

I have mountains of laundry to get done today and tomorrow so that I can start packing for our trip. I am so excited to go to FL for 2 weeks!