Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2 Year Pediatrician Check-up

I was a mean mommy and scheduled their 2 year check-up on their actual birthday. I was hoping they wouldn't get any vaccines, but I was wrong...they each had to get 2 shots. The pediatrician was really happy with how much progress Ryder has made developmentally. He said that if there are concerns that he would like to see him in 6 months, but if he continues to progress then there is no need until he is 3 years old! We discussed Zak's behavior (hitting and kicking) and he told me that time-outs really are the best thing to use at this age. We had started to implement time-outs, but now we will really continue through with them and hope that the boys will figure out it is punishment. Now for their growth stats:

Zak: 24 lbs (10%), 33.5 inches(25%), 47cm (might have been 48cm) head circumference (10%)
Ryder: 23 lbs (3%), 33.25 inches (25%), 45cm head circumference (less than 3%)

This means in the last 6 months they have both grown 3 inches and gained 3 pounds! They sure do grow pretty much at the same rate.
Their gift after having shots
Here are their growth charts:

Zak's Weight Chart

Zak's Height ChartRyder's Weight Chart

Ryder's Height Chart